Giving Or Receiving? Ouch.......  

Goodlovinguy0 42M
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6/26/2006 2:06 pm

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Giving Or Receiving? Ouch.......

I made myself a promise today after spending my first ever birthday "Uncoupled" so to speak. The premise of said promise is basically that from here on I will, on each birthday dedicate myself to giving extra gifts of charity/money or whatever is needed to more worthy causes than myself!

I've crossed the point where I eagerly await a procession of gifts to be showered on me each year, and to be honest I would rather the people I love simply be around when I need to show my human side, i.e. when I fuck up or feel like shite!

There isn't any motivation for this decision (sorry amateur psychoanalysts!!) it's just something I've always thought was more important, but never had the means to do, due to partner pressure. I could only imagine the looks of bewilderment on my Ex's faces as I told them not to buy me expensive gifts, but to instead send the money to buy a goat for a Sudanese family instead!!

So I guess this is a liberating thing to do as I loathe being tied to materialistic traits as much as I feel bound to them in the first place!

Of course I won't exclude this sentiment to just birthdays. No I will do the same for Xmas etc...
And to be honest I would happily devote my own time to others causes, when I am more educated in the particular needs of various groups etc.. have been looking into community work in poor countries such as Nepal, those in Latin america & well anywhere that is needed.....

_Safira 53F
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6/26/2006 7:15 pm

Great gift to give yourself ... I can attest to it.


Safira {=}

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