Ice Crystals  

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8/16/2006 11:26 am

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8/17/2006 3:10 am

Ice Crystals

Okay okay so its two words

I figured there would be a frost here tonight so I kept an eye out on the cameras here in the control room that show the outsides of the building and carparks. Why? Just to see if I could actually see when it got cold enough for a frost to form on the car roof's. (Yes it can get a little boring here at night hehe).


I can officially let you know that the frost formed at around 3:27am this morning.

Fascinating huh?

Actually I am not a fan of frosty mornings, yes they are quite refreshing and nice to look at... and I have the advantage of going to bed when the rest of you are getting up...


The car I am borrowing from my ex at the moment (since the bike is in the shop getting VERY expensive repairs done) doesn not have a heater in it! Yup thats right... no heater!!! Its fricking freezing to drive home. Especially since being a convertible (albeit a hardtop one) the wind goes through the inevitable gaps and brrrrrrr need I say more?

yes there are parts of me that could do with warming up

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