SES makes a game of it.  

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2/8/2006 3:55 pm

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SES makes a game of it.


Hide And Go Seek InReverse

Hide And Go Seek InVerted

Hide And Go Seek oh my God Alice run from Deedle Dee an Deedle Dum(stupidity is out this year says Vogue)

First Contestants: Vancouver's own

Sara Turner- Sexual predetor ( think Beecher from OZ and then some biting that dick again girl??)

Sarah "Ducthus of theTerriers " Fergusan ( Serial killer 5 all under the age of 10 and one turn the vest plate around and still works heheheehe) AKA say's no it doesnt work that way let me see your fellow officer's vest please.

Dianna Smith - Child beater ( put 2 in the hospital. The parents were reluntant to press charges due to be new to Canada and Dianna' face...hahaha

AKA say's, "shhhh I would start at the child care on 70th and Hudson...but that would be crazy to listen to me...secret door to the basement across from the play room hmm...what happened to the Vet cages from down the street(Hudson) when it went out of buisness???"

Now we all know the rules(.. a few threw batteries last time. good imagination) The above contestants run and hide and the rest of Vancouver looks for them. Any contestant to make it 30 days gets a new 2005 BMW (coup or sedan- all options made by winner upon win)


My training has begun Jimmy Kimmel.... A little Canadian ginger bread man who won't run a ready to RUMBLE!!!!!

"How about the great 200 pound American Jimmy, " says Elmo , "He was tuff and ruff when I met in the dark. Don't giggle that just excites him."

AKA nods in agreement. "Don't worry Elmo I 'll do this match for you and all like you. No does mean NO Jimmy, and I won't stay over night in the bunk beds you have at the office. The Sherton suite you get me will be enough, thanks" says AKA ( Graeme Edward Dossett)

"Black Man," say Aka displeased. "What is this parking lot p.i.m.p and why don't you do it just sing about it" continued AKA

Oh My GAWDDD hahahaha you bastards hahahaha. How many middle class kids never made it home from the gang , unknow drug od's, kidnappings and Hindu inductee cerimonies? I feel worse for the guy at the bar waiting, unware, for his girlfriend who is hiting the SUV' s hard that night " I did three already hehehe", say's unknow 22 year old. Then the man's guilt ( boyfriend) due to failing to protect her from the pysco with a escalade.

oh well I know ,I know you want your 40 acres one way or another.Heheheh you just mean hehehe. I am on your side please remember that. If you don't want me on your team I sit out ...fair ? cool. riot you call AKA we go shopping in Beverly Hills.

You every notice that the new bassist for Metallica is the bassist from Sucidal Tendenices before Mike Muir (Left) and that at the end of Cypress Hill 'How I can Just Kill A Man ' song they sample Mike Muir saying all I want is a pepsi from the song Insititionalized? It hit me while I sit in the UBC Mood Disorder Clinc waiting for release ( 3 weeks so far). I am Bi -Polar like Axel Rose, Kurt Cobain, Ernest Hemmingway, Buzz Aldrin, Brian Willson. Mark Twain, F Scott Fitzerald...Manitoba Society of Depression and Bi-Polar has the whole list. Just makes me feel better to be in the company of so many artists. Well I am crazy so 'Nervermind', I going to go get my 'Lititium'. hehehehe cool to be crazy says Eminem.

The black man in North America.

The white population has dropped drugs, booze nd gun shops in every poor house development in The U.S.A. Then as if magic Weee have to be berry berrry quiet. We hunting nigger. Well he was high and had a gun. what I am white I can get away with it. ( that would be the same as the Hindu killing Canadians)

The academy awards. Hmmmmmm all three huh???? little weak Mr. Washington. Sorry. Mrs. Berry, Halle nice perfomance. Mr. Black Board Jungle ...Sidney Mr. Life time achivement. Strange how they will never have to give the black man another award.

Riot in Compton, L.A. Nahhhhhhh my brother next time AKA leads you to Beverly Hills and we loot and trash their house!!!!!!!!

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