World Cup  

Goodfella2522 48M
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6/18/2006 6:12 am
World Cup

The sport of Soccer is the most popular sport in the frickin world . Bigger than Baseball , Basketball and even female jellow wrestling( although i'm not sure why)... Jellow wrestling seems to be alot better in my book .

Anywho as we are knee deep in the Fever of "World Cup"... I decided to look at ways Soccer could change in order to be embraced more by the U.S. of A . It still seems to take a back seat here to things like , NFL, WWE, Deer Hunting , Ice Fishing , WNBA , American Idol , Internet Porn , Re-runs of "Full House", picking one's ass , ....ahhh you get the idea .

Well anyway here are some tips we came up with on adjustments that could work .

In order to get scoring up , we allowed Vice President Dick Cheney to randomly shoot at players until at least one team scores a point ?

Teams would be made up of hot slutty soccer babes. The losing team would have to make out with me. The winning team would have to make out with me as well .

Ok the "Goodfella" is not prejudice in the least bit... all winning and losing Soccer mom's can play along as well . The Captain is all about the Milf action .

Ohh hell...I kinda dig the "Gilf " action as well . What can I say... older women means no head games in the "Goodfella's" book .

How about if the sport would feature some steroid scandals with some lying , cheating bastards who deny everything under oath ? Uhhh maybe not . That would actually suck ...

Soccer mom's mini-van's would be re-done weekly by the homeboys from MTV'S "Pimpin My Ride".

Also I think they should add one big guy that is allowed to tackle and actually carry the ball . Maybe he wears pads.

And if your going to do that you might want to let the other players have the same benefit . You know pads, tackling , and carrying the ball and stuff ....Maybe we'd change the name to "FootBall" ?

Perhaps we would give teams cool names like the Pittsburg Steelers, Oakland Raiders, and Dallas Cowboys or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And we could have an annual game that would make everyone throw a big party and have office pools . We could call it something like the " SUPER BOWL" .

Maybe it would sometimes feature a half time event that could have surprise nudity ...

Ok fuck it ! Never mind ... it was all just a thought anyway ...

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