A Summer Survival Guide from Goodfella2522  

Goodfella2522 48M
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6/4/2006 10:04 am
A Summer Survival Guide from Goodfella2522

Peeps !

As you may have already discovered... yet another Summer has creeped up on us. Yea it's creeped up on you like the announcement of another K-FED baby being born . It happens way more often than we have time to keep up with .

So survival guide to summer 06'. It will include every button and whistle you and that ass wilas any goodfella would do.
1. Thongs!!!
Yep getcha plenty in all colors and then let's chat about why I say these are the greatest invention since jeans. And like jeans let's hope they never, ever get played out .

2.Topless beaches...
It's a well known fact that the best way to end war, crime and all hatred is to make more Beaches...Mandatory topless areas. In fact I believe thats what John Lennon wrote in one of his songs ? Right ??? Mmmmm...

3. Speedos for me
If it's what the honeys want then how can I deny them the happiness.

4. The Beach Boys
The fuckin "Beach Boys"...like the circa 1988 Beach Boys with special guest drummer Jonhn Stamos on the Coctail Movie score. Now thats when they truly made it big !

5.Assholes !
Well ofcourse you need a few assholes in your summer plans to give a reason to need a vacation get away from what pisses you off.
George Bush

And i'm a bi-partisan Goodfella of course. So for the conservatives i've delivered as well more assortments of "Assholes" to make you need a get away.
John Kerry

And who can forget...
Al Gore
Man what a crop of "Assholes"...
See part two on Monday ...

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