My Samsara  

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9/6/2006 9:44 pm

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My Samsara

As your hands undulate to the sound of the complex rhythm, I feel that I know you as from another life, from another time, in a place where towers of gold rise above the sea and tapestries hang in long airy halls. This music, and this memory are imprinted in the cells of my being and as I look on you I see before me not the woman that I know, but a goddess, both beautiful and terrible.

I watch you as you weave your dance before me, undulating and sensual beyond words. Though we have not touched my nose and mouth are filled with the scent and the taste of you. Your dark hair shines under the lights and when our eyes meet I must look away the depth of your power pressing down.

I shake with fear at being a man since I know the power that you will hold over me, and my mortal weakness. My attachment to the physical is manifest in my lust for you, to have your writhing form beneath me, on top of me, to be inside you and have you inside me. My samsara is complete, as I see before me the living incarnation of all the untold pleasures I have conceived in the dark vaults of nights unnumbered.

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