Why ask why?  

Good2BeANurse 51F
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8/19/2006 8:21 pm
Why ask why?

Tears cascade down my cheeks, my heart is heavy, cloaked in sadness and despair.My love for you though genuine, has left me blue, I have no one to thanks for this, but you.

I try to be strong and think of other things,
But my mind sweeps me back to you and the time we shared. Try as I may, my heart shatters more each day, and I sink into a vast pit, filled with heartache and loneliness.

Why do you call and ask me why I'm so sad, when you know you placed these tears upon my face and this agony in my heart? You are the reason for my pain, for my love for you was all in vain.

All the moments we shared were just part of a game, even though it seemed so real at the time. Why did you do this to me, was it something that made you feel empowered?

How does it feel to know that each tear that falls, comes from the pain you have anointed me with? Each sigh of despair, from the sadness that cloaks my very soul, was placed there by you, and you alone.

You really should not play games with people's hearts, the scars you leave behind hardens them and makes it more difficult for them to let go and love again.

You see, in ending the dream we shared, you also ended the chance for future dreams. How can I ever love another, when my love for you was nothing to you? Why would I think myself worthy of another's love?

This rock hard fortress around my heart was placed there, stone by stone, by your words, actions, and deceit. No one can make it tumble away, it holds strong and true.

Why must you ask me why I cry, when in your hands you hold my heart, and you squeeze it so tightly, it's tears fall like rain?

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