The Hot Tub  

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The Hot Tub

The Hot Tub

How quickly the cooler nights changed the scenery at Martha’s Vineyard, the leaves began to change, cold frosty morning’s replaced the damp, warm morning’s of Summer, and the Island began to take on the hue and the scent of Autumn. Brilliant tones of red and yellow adorned the trees surrounding the little rustic cabin, some leaves had begun to fall, and the sound of the wind sweeping off the coast could be heard rustling through the leaves. The smoky smell of burning wood filled the air, and the solitude of the Island was his once more.

Something was missing. It was not Summer’s scent, nor the hustle and bustle of tourists seeking sunshine and shells along the coast. What was missing seemed to torment him, taunting him in his sleep, filling his dreams with midnight visions of naked, warm skin against that of his own. It had been quite sometime since anyone haunted his dreams, yet visions of this woman tormented him on a nightly basis. In his dreams he could hear the sound of her laughter filling the quiet of night, in fact, he could almost feel the silky touch of her hair nestled against him as he slept. But each morning he would awaken alone, realizing it was but a dream.

He had seen photographs of her, this mysterious woman who consumed his thoughts and brought him to such a state of arousal, he had become familiar with the sound of her voice and yearned for the feel of her skin. As he made his way home for the evening, he felt a sense of urgency, although he did not comprehend why. Arriving at the small, rustic cabin, he went inside and put away his things. Something was different, but he could not pin point exactly what it was. He could hear the hot tub heating up, and thought it a bit unusual, perhaps it was cooler outside than what he thought and the heater was kicking in a bit more often. He decided to venture out there and see if something was wrong.

As he rounded the corner, he thought he saw a flash of red, rubbing his eyes, he decided it was his mind playing tricks on him. He decided he just needed to relax and unwind a bit, perhaps the hot tub would be the perfect place to do so. He stood near the tub, and removed his clothing, then quietly climbed inside. He heard a noise, like footsteps, coming toward the tub, and decided that it was probably a small animal strolling through the woods nearby. Leaning back in the tub, he closed his eyes and let his mind take flight.

Suddenly, without a sound, a pair of hands covered his eyes, and something nestled against his neck, he heard a soft voice whisper to him, "I’ve come to you at last, I could wait no more.” Soft lips caressed his own, a warm, sweet tongue licked across his lips as the pair of hands slid downward, cupping his chin and tilting his head towards the sound of soft, lustful laughter. He opened his eyes and there she was, right beside him, naked except for the pair of black lace thigh highs, giggling, with a naughty sparkle in her eyes. Dee had come to him at last.

He grabbed her, pulling her into the tub and onto his lap. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and began taking in each curve of her creamy, porcelain skin with his eyes. “Dee”, he whispered, as though it couldn’t be true. “Yes, I have come to you, to love you, to be with you, because I could not stay away any longer”. She covered his mouth with her own, kissing him passionately, guiding his hands along her abdomen, until they were cupping both of her full, round breasts. He returned her kisses with great enthusiasm and delight, savoring the taste of her mouth and the tantalizing movement of her tongue, swirling around his own. He was lost in the moment, hovering somewhere between fact and fantasy, as he realized every dream he had ever dared to dream, was about to come true.

They kissed each other with great passion and desire, lust for one another taking over them, until they both gave in and let animalistic instinct take over. He pulled her up vertically, so that he could take in her body completely with his eyes, he noticed the light dusting of freckles along the bridge of her nose, and the delicate curve of her neck. He showered her with kisses, nibbles, and lustful licks, as her hands glided freely over his naked body.

Suddenly he grabbed her about the waist and lifted her effortlessly above the water. She wrapped her long, stocking clad legs around his neck Indian style, exposing her well moistened pussy to him. Naughtily she reached down and parted her lips, affording him a better view and he buried his head between her legs, breathing in her scent of arousal, then flicking out his tongue and tasting the juices that had already begun to flow outward from her beautiful pink pussy. Her hips pushed forward, urging him to fully explore her, she began begging him to make love to her with his tongue. “Explore me, kiss me, lick me, nibble me!” He did, his tongue flicked away at her pussy, exploring it fully, parting each delicate petal, probing it’s depths completely with his masterful tongue as she grinded herself upon his hungry mouth.

She began to moan loudly as she was swept away by movement of his tongue. Orgasm after orgasm shook her very soul as she came, gushing her sweet juices into his starving mouth. Soon the moans grew into growls as he stirred within her all the primal cravings that she had kept hidden away for so many years. Like a wild animal she began to wrestle him further into her, scratching and clawing at his back. She wanted to taste him, every inch of him, from head to toe, and she could no longer control herself. She pushed away from him, but he pulled her back into him and would not let her go. He began probing her deeply with his tongue as she rocked herself into him rhythmically, fierce orgasmic waves hitting her, one after another, until she nearly fainted from his love making.

He slid her tiny body down his abdomen, until she was upon his lap. She reached down and grabbed his swollen pulsating cock and guided it to her small, wet slit, rubbing him up and down her, his cum hole encircling her swollen clitoris as though it would suck it inside. He moaned deeply, thrusting upward, driving his cock deeply within the confines of her juicy sweet pussy, as she gasped from the fabulous stretching of her tiny little pussy. She was as tight as a teenager and he too gasped at the tightened musculature around his swollen, hard cock.

She began to ride him as though he were a stallion, bucking and thrusting her self further down his passion starved cock, until his balls were beating up against her bottom. Her fingers sought out his balls, upon finding them she began to play with them, palming them in her hands, teasing them beyond belief. He felt his shaft stiffening and knew that soon he would have to let go and fill her with his hot, steamy cum. He grabbed her hips and began grinding her madly, sending his cock so deeply inside her tight confines that it felt as though her pussy was suckling him like a hungry babe. A strong wave of orgasm swept him away, as fierce a rip tide, and he came over and over again as he felt her cum gushing around his cock. As multiple orgasms hit them both, they wrapped their arms tightly around each other, riding each wave, delighting in the beauty of the love they had just made.

Collapsing in each others arms, it felt as if time stood still. Some moments later, they both began to laugh wickedly, knowing that this was but a beginning, the adventure had only just begun. A journey began that night, one that neither of them would ever forget, one that they could never have imagined, nor dared to dream…

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