Please Do Not Feed The Angry Trolls...  

Good2BeANurse 51F
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8/23/2006 12:34 pm

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8/24/2006 2:20 pm

Please Do Not Feed The Angry Trolls...

Let this serve as a warning to those of you whom come here and choose to have relationships here at AdultFriendFinder. There are angry little small minded trolls masquerading among your friends, who will stop at nothing to destroy any happiness you find. Do NOT feed the trolls, do NOT let them know that you have found anyone, or made any friends. The Troll is angry, and blasphemous, he will stop at nothing to destroy what you have found, for his life is empty and meaningless. His heart is cold, bitter, and deceitful. Do NOT allow him to know anything about you, or allow him to think that he does. His life exists for two things, making people miserable, and drinking himself into a stupor.

Don't think there is only one troll either, for there is a clan, consisting of men and women from all over the globe. How can you tell who they are? Watch what they say about others behind their backs and how sweetly they talk to them in their face. Some of us have eyes and cannot see, minds that cannot think, and lips that only serve to speak lies and bitter innuendos.


2daycowboywanted 45F

8/23/2006 1:14 pm

And so this also goes on in daily life outside the blog - or have you not noticed? lol

Until later

buddhamike 105M
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8/23/2006 1:15 pm

Especially good advice,considering how overactive the trolls have been lately.

ZZ_Todd 59M

8/23/2006 10:07 pm

This is so weird! I saw this earlier and found it interesting, and when I clicked on "post" it just hung there... finally I got the "server unavailable message". Anyway, now it's really interesting! I was visited tonight by one such troll in my blog.

Apparently she has figured out that I have become attached to a lady here, a fellow blogger, and somehow got herself all upset over that. She, the Troll, dumped a real big turd in my blog warning all my friends that I'm some kind of asshole, that I lead women on, then dump them... yada yada yada. And anyone who has ever read my blogs, or those of my friends I've chatted with know that yeah, I'm a flirt here, but I'm no Casanova! I mean, they know that I hadn't been courting anyone, or leading them on. But the Troll seems to have gotten an idea along the way that I was committed to her, and now that I am surprizingly committed to someone else... my God! Talk about a scorned woman!

So... if anyone doesn't believe that Trolls exist, well, I'm here to say oh yes they do!

Good2BeANurse 51F

8/23/2006 11:44 pm


This is true, and the trolls are both men and women. I'm sorry that you too have come in contact with one, but they seem to breeding like cock roaches lately. I think it is due to their own life lacking substance, as well as their own greed, petty jealousy, and hatred against anyone whom they think is more successful, or more popular than they are.

I recently had a relationship that was awesome, destroyed by such behavior, and it hurts so badly to know that was what was behind it's demise. when you have so many trolls coming out of the wood work and telling you things about someone, eventually you start questioning your own feelings and a lack of trust builds up. Hard to share yourself with someone for whom you have lost trust in. Then you see the things they do as a bit more than flirtatious and soon the relationship ends and hearts break.

I have always said that women are fickle creatures. I have always had more men friends than women, and these were true, down to Earth, honest to God, no matter what you are going through, I am there for you friends. Recently I have discovered that men can be just as fickle too. I truly believe that when this relationship ended, we both lost our soul mates. It's a shame too, we had it all, and the passion... OMG

ZZ... I wish you luck here in blog land, and in AdultFriendFinder. I hope you find that in which you search, you seem like a nice level headed guy. Thanks for responding to my blog, I think I'll go check yours out

Take care,

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