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8/24/2006 8:40 am

Morning settles in quietly around me, sunlight streaming in through the window basking my body in warmth, all alone in the moment, I lie here and think of you. Such an intimate portrait, my mind paints of us, as we awaken together to a new day, the sun warming our skin, as the heat of passion and desire inflames us from within, as fingertips explore each other softly.

Our bodies, naked, holding each other closely, feeling the swell of your arousal as you place a mint into my hungry mouth. Feeling it dissolve upon my tongue, bathing my mouth in the cool, sweet flavor as I feel your hips push forward against me. My nipples harden in arousal, as your fingertips trace them, my hips thrusting back meeting your own thrusts rhythmically. Our bodies keeping time like a metronome, the beat slow at first, the pace quickening to the tempo of our need for each other.

Feeling your heart pound against my back, and your swollen, throbbing cock against my hips, as your hands slide down, gripping my pelvis and pulling me into you, your breath raspy against my nape. One hand sliding down, exploring the growing wetness of my arousal, as my own hand reaches down to stroke you, feeling the throbbing hardness against my palm, as your fingers penetrate, the delicate pink petals of my hot wet pussy.

No words escaping our lips, but unspoken words sweeping us away passionately, as our bodies merge together as one in the quietness, not a sound heard except the beating of our hearts and the melody of your fingers penetrating my increasing wetness. Our bodies begging and pleading each other for more, as the rhythm of the thrusts increases and I meet each stroke of your fingers within me as we spoon together passionately.

Our arousal growing as the minutes sweep past, your fingers probing deeper, thrusting harder, my hand stroking the full length of your throbbing rigidness, pulling you into me. My left leg upon yours, as your huge, swollen cock replaces your fingers, and pushes against the hot, pink, moistness of my pussy, the tip just touching the opening, sliding up and down, bumping my clit erotically. You gently thrust forward, as the tip penetrates me, and I can feel it throb within me as I squeeze tightly down upon you, halting your attempt to pull from within me.

My hand caressing you, stroking up and down the length of your passion swollen cock, and cupping your balls, urging you to plunge deeper within me. Easing my grip upon you as I feel you begin to thrust, loosening just enough to allow you to probe more deeply, sighing heavily as at last you are fully within me. Tightening down once more, holding you within me, enjoying how you fill me completely, as you begin to thrust in and out of my tight, moistened folds, so wet with desire, that no matter how tightly I squeeze, I cannot stop you from thrusting in and out of me.

Your thrusts pounding out a tempo as our bodies keep perfect rhythm with one another, the crescendo causing me to erupt in orgasm, over and over again, as you pause and grab my hips to still me and calm your need for release. Over and over you do this, bringing me to orgasm, bringing yourself to the brink, then suddenly stopping just shy of your own release, until I’ve cum dozens of times. You reposition me upon the pillows, my hips arched upward, my head down, my shoulders upon the bed, my arms stretched out, gripping the headboard. You begin to thrust hard and deep, bumping against my cervix, massaging my g-spot, as you pound me deeply.

A never ending orgasm sweeps me away, and I lose control, as you grab my hips and have your way with me. You plunge in and out of me hard, furiously, as I feel you stiffen even more within me. My pussy is swollen from your plunges, and my muscles clamp tightly upon you, as you deliver ten deep, long, strokes and fill me with your thick, hot seed, erupting violently, as my body quakes in response, keeping yourself within me until the orgasm finally ends and I have calmed. We embrace tightly, and remain that way until our breathing returns to normal.

The sun falls brightly upon my face, the light awakens me, and I realize it has been a dream. I pull my pillows closely against me, hugging them, desiring to feel the sensation of you against me, as I did in the dream, but it is futile. I lay there briefly, reflecting upon the dream and what it would be like to actually awaken with you. My mind hints at the feeling, but it cannot quite grasp the wonderful images of my dream

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