To Tell The Truth  

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7/18/2005 5:16 am

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To Tell The Truth

When You Do Not Like The Answer, Do Not Punish The Answerer.

Once the words are spoken, they cannot be taken back. Once someone thought I was great. And when they asked a question, I gave them an honest answer.
But it was not the answer they wanted to hear.
So now I am on their “shit list”. I did not mean to hurt them. And it breaks my heart to thinking they will carry a grudge against me for who knows how long. All I can say is I am sorry. In my heart of hearts I tried to be respectful of their feelings. I will try to
refrain from responding to any questions that they may post in the future. I will keep my
silence, for now anyways. Until I reach a point, where I cannot stand the injustice and I
will have to confront them about it. Because I would rather clear the air once and for all,
instead of holding back on saying what I think and feel. They have a right to their own
opinions. And if they post a question they need to respect the right of others to answer it
honestly, and not punish them by ignoring and snubbing them. I included quotes by
group members to illustrate my point:

From Choozmi:

“Well that's positive reinforcement if I've ever seen it.
I'm getting the impression that there are "right" answers and "wrong" answers to these questions.
That may discourage some people from sharing their true feelings.”

From tongue-in-cheek:

“sheesh... it is amazing how quickly people will tear into another person on the web”

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