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10/30/2005 6:03 am

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Did you know?

I know I have not been around as much lately. I am "Back In School" taking a course called: Organizational Behavior. This week we explored communication styles. Especially interesting was the styles of Men and Women and how things can get so confused. For example, Did you know that When I woman talks to you about a problem she is actually doing that so she gets a better understanding of it? But this is what one guy thought about it:

“The managing Director of a large food importer was complaining that his senior women had a tendency to come to his office, “dump” all their problems, and then leave. …“I pay them to solve problems, not give them back to me."

And not only do we precieve differently, and speak differently-but the meaning of our same body language is different. For example, Did you know:

As I was researching gender styles there was an article which described a different meaning of Body Language between men and women that causes confusion-When a woman nods her head up and down while conversing it means that she understands what you are saying. When a man nods his head while conversing it means “Yes, I agree with you.” So a man may think he has reached an agreement with a women, when in fact she was not agreeing with him?

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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10/30/2005 9:49 am

but that is all about what and how we are TAUGHT to communicate ... we can learn different styles!

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mygmyg 59M

11/8/2005 7:10 am

G.H.G., had the Org behavior class this summer, and this subject was touched on in my speech class about 5 semesters ago, and it is indeed interesting and thought provoking to examine what goes on when we communicate. think that most of the characterizations were dead on correct, oh there are exceptions, but it is more about understanding/realizing what is going on between the layers of the conversation, almost like a game of telephone!

GHG, hope this doesn't double post, got "page expired" after trying to post! now getting the infamous the post number has been used!

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