Why is it so hard....  

GoldCoastHornDog 75M/36F
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5/8/2006 5:25 pm
Why is it so hard....

What is it about the single male, that when they see a picture of a good looking woman, no matter WHAT the profile says, no matter WHAT the blog says, even if it says plainly that we do NOT need more single males to contact us, they write anyway???? What makes the latest crop even more ridiculous is that they are starting to come in from Barbados, France, the UK, and even Germany for God sake. Can someone explain why these males can't read??????????

We still look for COUPLES and single WOMEN to contact us if they are on or near the Gold Coast of Australia. We have made a couple of contacts but would like to meet more, so if you are a single FEMALE or a couple (male and female) and are on or near the Gold Coast of Australia in July of this year, drop us a note and say Hi. Who knows? It might prove to be worth your while.

And note: from NOW ON, ANY more single males sending pleading contacts WILL BE IGNORED, and we don't care how loving, or big dicked you think you are.

*grumbles and walks off into the sunset mumbling about people listening this time*

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