For my wife...  

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5/3/2005 10:40 pm

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For my wife...

So it has begun. In the past, I wrote steamy letters to my wife before we were married. Before that time, we knew each other as friends. Here is a little tale derived from our first encounter.

I visited her for the first time from 500 kilometers away when getting together with a buddy of mine who'd moved to the same town. From that day on, life had completely changed.

We spent a lot of time talking about everything we hadn't touched upon while chatting online or on the phone. A connection began to form in a way that seemed so familiar and effortless. What started out as friendship suddenly turned into a hot frenzy of groping, grinding, and fondling. Before we got too carried away with each other, we decided to calm the nerves and wait it out. Neither of us had protection, so we didn't want to take a pregnancy risk. Who says men can't think when their swollen rod holds all their blood flow?

We exchanged parting words after that weekend, and I went back home, 500 kms away. The next three weeks were filled with dirty chat and phone sex encounters. Our need for sexual interaction was begging for the feeling of both our bodies against each other. When my next opportunity arose to head out her way, I didn't dare hesitate.

To be discrete with her family and friends, I booked a nice suite for us and picked her up. We spent a bit of time discussing our time apart, and decided to heat our bodies up in the public hot tub. By some stroke of luck we were all alone, and it didn't take long for us to begin exploring our sexual desire for each other. It began with a gentle caress all over each other. Our kissing intensified and our hands grew bolder, reaching for areas only our own hands had touched over the past few weeks. I desired so much to caress her beautiful breasts; however, her one-piece bathing suit gave me little access while we tried to remain discrete due to the overhead camera present. She pressed against me and slid her smooth skin over my swollen member as it strained to feel the grasp of her hand.

The door swung open and startled us as an elderly woman walked in the steam-filled room. She smiled at us as we sat sheepishly in the hot tub; both of us with our backs pressed against the jets. The little lady walked past to gather some towels on a bench, inducing from me a sigh of relief as I knew she would be leaving soon. This did not seem to affect the lovely woman next to me as I felt her hand slide up my swimming trunks and squeeze my hard cock. A sharp gasp invoked a devilish grin from her as she began to stroke it gently beneath my shorts. Her eyes widened as she realized the length and girth of her strokes. Her hand began to fondle from its head, to its base. I had forgotten about the other lady still with us as I let out a satisfying moan.

"You feeling good in there?" The old lady asked.

My voice went husky, "Absolutely."

The old lady smiled, "Good. Will you be needing anything while I'm here?"

Without a heartbeat, my lovely woman spoke, "No thank you. We'll be leaving very shortly."

(Oooh yeeeeess!)

My mind was clouded over as my imagination ran wild as to what exciting sexual encounter I was to experience with this hot woman. As she slowly ran her tightened hand up and down my shaft, I managed to slide my fingers under her swimsuit to touch her pussy lips. Her lower jaw jutted out and her eyes squinted with a look of utter lust at the slightest brush of my fingers against her swollen clit. I was getting far too excited by that time, and my finger gently entered her extremely slick pussy. Her head tilted back and she gripped my dick so hard I moaned half with pleasure, and half with pain.

With a soft sigh, she spoke, "Let's save the rest for the room."

All I could do was nod. Neither of us were quick to move as we played with each other under the cover of the water's mist. We stared in longing pleasure into each other's eyes as we could only imagine what the other looked like under the water. I relished the thought of tasting her sweet, shaven pussy. She bucked against my hand, desiring the feeling of being completely filled with one big, hard cock. As we slid our tongues against each other in a passionate kiss, we both knew what the other was thinking right at that moment.

"Let's get out of here. I want to fuck you."

We adjusted ourselves, threw on our robes, and proceeded to our room.

...continued on my next entry.


Next time, the full story in the bedroom.

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