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2/13/2006 8:20 am

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Initial Entry

So here it is, the first inital entry into the Chronicles of The God & Goddess 2006.

Feb. 12, 2006 --

After about 6 weeks apart, the God decided to invite the Goddess over to his new Den. Apprehension was high on so many different levels as the minutes ticked by until Her arrival.

When She arrived @ 9:15pm, the Goddess decended down the stairs & remarked on how the God's new Den was an awesome / great space. She stared @ the God, trying to wrap Her mind around the fact that He had invited Her.

She had been horrible to the God & had made Him angry. He had turned His voice, attention & body away from Her - which She certainly craved each & every day.

The God moved in & kissed the Goddess passionately on the lips; holding Her neck with His hands, tugging gently on her hair. The Goddess responded by pressing Her body into the God, eagerly devouring His kiss.

The God backed away & asked the Goddess if She would like a beverage, while pulling up a chair for Her to sit in beside Him. She accepted His offer & settled in the chair He had offered.

As He sat beside the Goddess, His hands slid up the back of Her shirt & the God began to caress the Goddess' back. She, inturn, began to run Her hands along the God's legs -- sliding up Her fingers up to feel & grip His hardening Cock beneath His jeans.

The Goddess stood & walked behind Her God in order to begin rubbing His chest; slowing removing the sweater from His body. Her fingers massaged His bare chest & once again, She pressed Her body into the nape of His neck so He could feel the excitement building within Her.

She moved around to stand infront of the God, then sat before Him & began to remove the denim restriction on the Cock She so desired.

The God now sat naked before the Goddess. Her eyes glistened as she stroked His beautiful Cock. "You realize, You are the only Man I crave" the Goddess said to the God as she bent to take His Cock in Her mouth.

The God settled back in His chair & smiled as the Goddess slowly licked the shaft of His Cock. Her fingers toyed with the God's freshly shaven balls before Her lips wrapped around them & She sucked the God's balls into Her hungry mouth.

The God whispered "Would you like me to lay down on the bed"?

"Oh Yes indeed!" exclaimed the Goddess.

The God stood & pulled the covers back on His bed to reveal new Black Satin Sheets. The Goddess beamed & she began to undress infront of Her God as He lay back admiring Her body, anticipating the pleasures about to follow.

The Goddess crawled onto the bed to join Her God, kneeling between His legs holding His perfectly formed Cock in Her hands. She began to slide Her fingers over His body as She took His Cock in Her mouth.

The Goddess loved how the God's Cock tasted in Her mouth. She savored sliding up & down, swirling Her tongue around the tip. She knew Her God had immense stamina & relished in the knowledge that He would last long into the night. He would not cum quickly & easily -- this the Goddess loved most about the God -- He would ensure Her satisfaction many times over.

She slid Her body up the God's torso & sat straddling the rock hard Cock that was standing at full attention beneath her. Slowly She began to lower Herself down on His Cock, shivering as the sensation began to engulf Her body.

The God reached out & cupped the Goddess' breasts in His hands, rolling & pinching Her nipples as she began riding on His Cock.

The God felt the Goddess' Pussy tightening around His shaft & He moaned as Her wettness surrounded Him & began to trickle down His balls.

The Goddess threw Her head back & reached down to grip Her God's chest as the orgasm flowed through every part of Her body. The God smiled as He slowly continued sliding His Cock in & out of the Goddess' Pussy; massaging Her Clitoris & feeling Her quiver inside.

"Stand up & follow Me", the God said to His Goddess as He eased Her off Him. He took Her by the hand & led Her across the room & gently bent Her over the dresser so that She could see Herself in the mirror as He entered Her from behind.

The God truly enjoyed witnessing the passion in the Goddess' eyes as He began driving His Cock into Her Pussy. Her expressions of ecstacy fueled His intensity as He slammed Her repeatedly from behind. Gripping the Goddess' taunt ass, the God lifted the Goddess & swung Her back onto the bed -- continuing to stand behind Her, increasing the intensity of His thrusts.

Once again, the Goddess' Pussy tightened around the God's Cock & Her passionate cries got louder. He licked his index finger & gently slid it up the Goddess' Ass too join the trobbing Cock in Her Pussy.

The Goddess exploded ! The God gripped the Goddess' hips as she squirmed & continued to slid His Cock into Her Pussy while delicatly exploring Her Ass with His finger.

"This is Fucking Amazing" ! cried the Goddess as She reached behind to grab the God's firm ass.

She moved forward to reveal the God's glistening Cock before turning to lay on Her back. He took hold of the Goddess' ankles & positioned Himself on His knees between Her legs. The God spread the Goddess' legs apart & once again smiled as She reached forward to grab His Cock positioning it for easy entry.

He slid inside & enjoyed looking down on the Goddess' gorgeous body & trimmed Pussy as the intensity within Him increased. The God always loved this position & could see the mutual satisfaction being displayed in the Goddess' eyes.

The God bent forward & delivered a lingering passionate kiss upon the Goddess as He continued to glide His Cock between the soft velvet lined walls of the Goddess' Pussy. He ran the tip of His tongue along Her neck, nibbling on Her shoulders & gently tugging on Her hair @ the nape of Her neck.

The God could feel His orgasm building inside. He whispered "I'm about to explode" into the Goddess' ear & felt intense electricity shoot through His body as Her Pussy again gripped His Cock.

Pulling Her legs far apart & thrusting His Cock deeply inside Her Pussy; the God released the excitement that had been building up inside of Him since the Goddess' arrival. He lowered Himself onto the Goddess, embracing & kissing Her as He continued to slowly slide Himself between the Goddess' warm, wet Pussy.

"Whew" the two exclaimed almost in unison. "Wow" was another comment uttered among a multitude of others.

Both bodies tingled with satisfaction as they lay locked in blissful unison.

Slowly lifting Himself off & lingeringly sliding out of the Goddess; the God settled beside the Goddess stroking Her back, feeling Her hot breath on His neck. She reached over to slide her fingers along & across His chest, marvelling at the site of the God's Cock once again, rising for action.

She smiled & again jumped between His legs to devour His Cock. With an erotic vengence She sucked on the God's Cock, gripping & fondling His balls as She longed to feel Him shoot a hot load of cum down her throat.

The God writhered on the black satin & the Goddess pleasured Him intensly with Her tongue. She was driving Him erotically crazy. The God wanted to, NEEDED to explode however the tank seemed to require a few more minutes to refill.

The God gently reached down & pulled the Goddess up to deliver a kiss while at the same time letting Her know that She was bringing Him so close to climaxing.

He rolled Her over & rested Her head upon the pillow before sliding His tongue from yet another passionate kiss to probe between Her legs. The God eased himself into the 69 position while sliding His tongue between the Goddess' Pussy tasting the sweet juices that He has inspired.

The Goddess could not resist wrapping Her mouth around the God's Cock & enjoyed the sensation of His Cock in Her mouth & His tongue in Her Pussy. The God's tongue darted in & out of the Goddess' Pussy with a technique, style & intensity that always took the Goddess' to the most intense erotic dimension.

She grabbed the God's ass & sucked on His Cock hard as Her insides erupted. Tonight was one continuous intense orgasm She thought.

The God again lifted Himself off the Goddess & turned around to again lower Himself on the Goddess, sliding His Cock back inside Her. The God wrapped His arms around His Goddess & again slowly began grinding Himself into the Goddess, slowly & passionate gliding His Cock in & out of Her.

The Goddess wrapped Her legs around Her God's back as the intensity inside Her body heightened. She looked up at the smile on His face as yet another orgasm rocked & rolled Her body.

The God withdrew His Cock & knelt infront of the Goddess stroking Himself as She licked Her lips & moved Her fingers down to caress Her Pussy.

The Goddess toyed with Her Pussy & the God's balls at the same time building up the excitement & intensity inside of the God's body.

Looking down upon the Goddess, the God marvelled @ how the Goddess turned Him on such much; the thought again releasing what had been building up inside of Him.

Exhausted the God leaned forward to again embrace the Goddess, delivering another lingering kiss. The God savored the Goddess' kisses & took pleasure in the sensation felt when their tongues touched.

The God & Goddess lay in each other arms mutally complimenting the other for a specatular experience.

It was now 12:30am & both God & Goddess required rest for their lives in the real work world. The two slowly dressed & the God accompanied His Goddess home.

The God thanked the Goddess for an awesome evening, bestowed another kiss upon her knowling that each was looking forward to the next time.

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2/14/2006 8:02 am

Explosive, stimulating ... written well!
This photographer willing to volunteer to record such a clash of the titans. (Who is the primary writer of this entry? The Goddess? Let's hear more!)
Great start to the Blog!

See: Your Ultimate autoreply Edge357

GodnGoddess2006 47M/43F

2/14/2006 8:15 am

The God is the primary author of the blog & Chronicles of the God & Goddess.

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