Chronicles of the God & Goddess 3  

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2/15/2006 10:35 pm

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Chronicles of the God & Goddess 3

February 15, 2006

Apologies to those who were anticipating a Valentine's entry into the Chronicles; God & Goddess have chosen to savor the intimacy for themselves.

However: From tonight the Goddess writes ...

The Goddess looks into Her God's Eyes & sees the hurt & suffering She has caused Him. She asks Herself, "Why does He allow Me to sit in His domain, for I have betrayed My beautiful God in such a terrible way"?

The Goddess' body burns to feel His loving caress once again. She vows to become one with Her God once again, doing whatver it takes to right the wrongs She has inflicted. Her God is The Teacher who is showing Her the way to oneness. Nothing can destroy the Passion between the God & His Goddess.

Many may try to come between Them; & Their Love will be tested by earthly things, but Their Love & Passion will prevail. Masculine & Feminine, together as one.

The Goddess feels the warmth within the God's Den; it is inviting & electrifying; She feels His energy all around Her, embracing Her, caressing Her very center.

She longs for Him every moment in time, but tonight, time stands still as She anticipates pleasuring Her God to the fullest with Her mouth.

As He settles into the black leather recliner, the Goddess kneels between Her God's strong legs. She looks up @ Him with expressions of Her deepest devotion. Words fail Her & She hope that Her God can feel Her intense emotions.

As She runs Her hands down over His body; She pauses over His energy center. She feels the heat rise with His beautiful cock.

Desperately craving to taste Him, lick Him, devour Him .. the Goddess lovingly removes the earthly restrictions of his jeans to reveal the God's Heavenly cock.

She runs Her fingers up Its' shaft as the hardness stiffened His cock to Its' full potential. The Goddess bends to taste His delicious, rock hard cock; sliding it deep into Her mouth.

Moaning with increased desire, sucking, kissing & thirsting for His hot cum; craving to take it all into Her mouth.

"Yes, take it all!" the God murmers as the ecstacy builds within Him. His pleasure mounting the intense passion within Her to amazing heights driving Her to increase Her delight of His cock.

The Goddess could feel the God's energy about to explode in Her mouth, over Her tongue, down Her throat & into Her soul.

The sexual energy They raise together is Great & Powerful. Nothing will come between Them again.

The Goddess cannot risk losing Her God, Her One True Love, Her Deepest Desire.

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