How do you choose?  

GoddessICanBe2 52F
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8/10/2006 6:05 pm

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9/27/2006 11:36 am

How do you choose?

How do you choose which path to take? which car to buy? which house to rent? How do you decide what college to attend? and WHO to be on any given day?

Life, in my opinion, is about choice.
We make a million choices each and every day.
Which ones are the hardest for you? Which ones are the easiest?

Right now I am raising 5 kids.
Granted the older four are pretty much raised...but damn it is the hardest thing to try and get the "bigger" picture across to them.

I try and think back when I was their ages ( 20, 18, 16, 14) and I was no where near who I see them as today. I was VERY NAIVE...I didnt not have the relationship with my parents like they have with me and my husband. We are open and honest and we talk about anything.

They do not see into the future. They see right now today. This is good and I taught them to live in the moment. BUT somewhere I lost the lesson on "plan for the future"...will there be a future to plan for? ever read anything about the "Blue Ray Children" or the "Indigo" children? you should do a search and see what you think about that!

Anyway back to is a journey and it's full of choices...the choices we make today decide our futures for tomorrow. Choose wisely and always have fun doing so!

in the middle of Missouri thinking of a cabin in Montana with 2 feet of snow and more on the way!

harleyrider63080 67M/52F
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9/12/2006 5:43 pm

Amy, we are on the same page here. Life is a journey and it's all about the journey. Much of my life I've lived for the moment or the near future because we are not promised tomorrow. I plan for my vacation trips and other events I want to attend. I think about where I some day might want to live. Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho.

The choices we make are a roll of the dice. Often ther is no way of knowing the outcome. Sometimes, the outcome is predictable but not certain. We make the choice anyway because of the passion of the moment.


rm_jh121958 58M

9/19/2006 4:59 pm

Amy, there is one thing that we have to do every day as we get out of bed. We have to decide if we're gonna have a good day or a bad day. The rest of our day will be decided by that first waking realization. Even when the bad things happen, if we've decided in a good day, we'll find the silver lining. It's worked for me lately...

As far as the other decisions, I'd like to think that we all apply the things we've learned in the past to the decisions at hand.

The one place I don't apply a decision-making process to is love. There's a quote by Bertrand Russell that goes "Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness." If I feel it, you'll know it. Happiness is my elusive one at the moment, but it remains a goal.[/SIZE

_Truman_ 105M

1/10/2007 1:37 pm

Sorry I missed your posting back in September. 'Hope that all is well and that your choices have been leading you to positive rewards! Happy 2007!

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