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2/16/2006 5:34 am

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reply to an interested person

I used to be a good kisser. At least, that's what the kissees told me.

I am currently battling the NM State's lack of health care -- dental, in particular. I won't be kissing anybody until my mouth gets the urgent attention it requires.

I watched a documentary, "Stories from the Quilt," the other night. It's about the AIDS quilt. One of the PWAs, an activist, appeared before the Reagan era congress and said, "Don't let me die of red tape." His quilt piece said he, indeed, died of red tape.

Well, I'm sort of in that position. I'm pretty angry about it and am contacting the press about it.

The dental clinic is beautiful. It even has museum-quality art and statuary. But they have no budget until the next fiscal year, in July, and are only taking emergency patients. Nobody else. I'm wondering: couldn't they sell some statues, and treat some patients?

I'm on a very limited income. And I have a rule about that, where it concerns dates, or even friends. If somebody buys me something, it can't be more expensive than what I could afford for myself. This means an evening's activities could, at most, cost about twenty dollars.

So, while I like the MARTINIS at Melting Pot, I know I couldn't afford dinner, and would refuse an invitation.

If someone spends money I couldn't really afford, I feel it must be reciprocated by my cooking a good supper for him or her on another occasion. I'm an excellent cook.

Basically, my bottom line is that I'm not a prostitute or a gold digger and NEVER want to be perceived as one!

As for opera, I'm a volunteer at a local, cultural venue, and get comps, occasionally, to all sorts of performances.

I have, I suppose, a peculiar sense of what a night -- or day -- out could be.

I love the flea market. I really enjoy the museums. I like free concerts, crafts fairs, etc. I really enjoy free lectures and demonstrations.

When I'm ready to start seeing people -- and I'm expecting it'll take me another two months, before I'm well-prepared -- I want to be on my way toward healing, if not healed. I want my home arranged properly, to host guests.

I'm working on all that, every day. Maybe I introduced myself on AdultFriendFinder too soon, but I really thought it was important to begin dialogue with people whom I might meet.

I've been barraged with email in the last, three days. Most are randy, old lechs with very bad manners.

I'm not saying that being honest about one's sexual needs is bad. Far from it. But graphic and cliche depictions of scenarios is far from a turn on to me, at present. For one thing, I have a FAR better imagination -- and body of experience -- than they do. For another, I refuse to be treated like meat.

I appreciate the respect and patience you've shown me, and hope to continue this dialogue with you as I prepare myself and my home for my anticipated journey.

Thanks, GW.

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