What is this hang up with age??  

Go_4_the_Best 45M
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11/6/2005 8:51 pm

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5/21/2006 8:27 pm

What is this hang up with age??

I am really getting fed up with people who do not understand that age is not a real number. By that I mean when I was ina chat room recently I was asked how old I was... Well I answered "calender age, mental age, how old do I act age, or how old do I feel age." If I was really thinking I might have added how old do I look age....

Ladies... I know you have your conditions on what you want... but give us real guys a break... I do not think of myself as old in any way shap or form. Yes I had 5 daughters (God has a sense of humor I think...lol), and maybe I had a lot of life experiences ... but for real I am not old.... My last regular lady friend was 22... yet so many of the women here on AdultFriendFinder think I am OLD... give me a break... I am NOT OLD...

I have more stamina in most areas of life then a lot of 20 year old guys... and so do a lot of "OLDER" men... The differeence between the 20 year old guy and us "old" guys is we (most of us anyway) are more mature and understnading we know are way around a womans body because we have taken the time to expolor it, we are not looking for mass numbers of conquests anymore, and we do appreciate a woman.

Anyway I had to bitch about this age thing because it has reall bheen a problem with some ladies recently. and yes I still consider them ladies even if they put me down and discard me becaase of the year I was born. Ladies remember you too will hit the higher numbers someday, so be more open minded about it and have a grreat time with an "OLD" man at least once in your life...lol

Thanks for letting me bitch... tomorrow yet another meandering... this time I hope more in line with actual sexuality.

GangBangCple 66M/55F

11/6/2005 10:21 pm

Most younger women prefer men their own age or a little older , not every girl is turned by the idea of going out with a man the same age as her dad , thats a fact , but there are some younger women that are interested in much older men to , also a fact.
It's a matter of personal preferances.

To some you are indeed old, and therefor not a potential partner for them , to others you are still old, but could be a potetial partner , depending on your character, etc, ect , age is not the only factor!!

Go_4_the_Best 45M
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11/6/2005 10:46 pm

I do agree with your assesment. But is it my calender age... or how I look age or how I act age.. that is where I get frustrated. Being judged by the year I was born... well it is not "fair" so to speak. I know plenty of people my age who look much older and some that look younger than me... so where do we make it writte that a persons calender age automatically make him in a set catagory... But I do understand an appreciate what you have said.

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