The Scent of a woman. If I were sightless...  

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11/10/2005 9:35 pm

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The Scent of a woman. If I were sightless...

It is almost midnight as I start this.. I finished writing a memory of a particular woman from my past about half and hour ago... and I just want to rest my eyes. I remembered an e-mail a sweet lady from NC sent to me today about something else I had written about how I appreciated a sensual encounter.... and I began to think.. here I am.. single , alone and nobody here with me so I can hug or snuggle or spoon with and I began to fantasize again......

First I was thinking about an encounter with a blind fold... and it struck me...not sensory deprivation in totality... but if I were sightless how would I "view" women... I remembered the Al Pacino movie sent of a woman.. and I said I should try and "see" and wonder about how things would be.

Obviously ..unless she was talking to me first.. that I would use my first sense.. smell... her freshness,,,,her perfume.... maybe if I was closer her hair... I would start to collect this in my head and make up an image of the woman I was encountering... as she got closer to me I may "feel" her presence before I feel her... maybe her height... and if we begin to touch ...lightly at first... the shape of her arm and her hand.. the softness of her skin....

Here there is no color of skin... no color or shape of the eye (which I find so attractive when I see) .. maybe I can touch her face... and feel her features... getting to know her from touch not sight.. her hair the silkiness and length..... Ahhh

maybe she lets me undress her slowly... getting to know her body... her firmness, her soft nes, her curves... I would feel her tremble when I touched sports that may be ignored or neglected if I could see... the curve of her neck... the pout and fullness of her lips... the unmistakable swell of breasts..large or small the hardening of her nipples as I gently touch against hem ...maybe we are kissing and I can feel the softness of her lips with mine and the heat in her breath, the fire that swells from within.... gently exploring her body with my hands ... making a mental map as I sense her responses

The curve of her back the gentle sway above the buttock the sensual crack of her ass as she yields to my touch... I encircle her waist,, and feel the fullness of her bottom and slowly ever so slowly glide my hands to where the hips, legs and thighs meet.

I lay her down ever so gently... never letting go... I cares her thighs and across and behind... down to her knees and her calves.. to her ankles... making those mental notes... I caress her feet gently massaging them as I slowly take each toe and gently ever so gently suck them one at a time into my mouth... my hands continue their exploration of this woman and now my lips take over and move up her legs to where they meet... here I linger... inhaling the musky aroma of a meal being prepared I glide my fingers and my tongue around the most sensitive spots ...listening for the change in her breathing.... feeling her body move to my touch feeling the heat and almost hearing her moisture flow from within...

I bring her legs over my shoulders... I want to taste all of her.. inhale all of her.. I want to move from as low down there as I can go and more to tantalize her.... tasting and gently probing and massaging with my hands as i go... I want to know all of her... I want to know her secret spots.. I want to know how to make her shudder with delight find that special spot deep inside her.. make her mine by making her happy

As her breathing gets deeper and I hear the gasps for air and I feel the gentle shudder of her body against mine and a tightening of her muscled ... a clenching of her legs... I have a fleeting thought wondering if I have curled her toes like they have never been curled before.. and I move up her body still caressing her.. touching her kissing her... moving up to her breasts... you have the idea of what I was thinking about the sent of a woman... Sorry if I cut you short here... but I have to leave some things for your imagination.... and for my personal pleasure...

pussnboots694 73M/78F

11/13/2005 6:57 pm

lost within
your gentleness..
As waves of pleasure
wash over my soul..
It is the hunger
of your touch..
I never wish to escape..

Beautiful is your soul..
I thank you deeply for your
kind words on my post..

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