Sexual Attraction ... is it visual or mental??  

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11/6/2005 11:32 pm

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Sexual Attraction ... is it visual or mental??

The simple answer to this is that it is both. So why do I wonder about it... well let me say that I have (yes it is true) had phone sex. Even when I was married I did it with my wife. and Yes I have done it with strangers. This is actually a middle ground where I think the auditory stimulation helped. But really it was my mind that was excited

When you look at the photos of the hot men and women here in AdultFriendFinder... it may be visual.. but you get aroused in your mind.

When you have had that relationship for so many years and still get excited knowing your going to be with that person again... it is mental..

Ok.. I now what some of you are thinking... anyone who is sexually aroused must me mental right... well maybe that is true... so I am glad to be a nut case then.

I love the touch of a woman. to feel her caresses, her warm breath, maybe the back of her nails racking across my back or inner thigh... all the while my eyes are closed... not because I do not appreciate her beauty... but because I am focused on the sensation of her... so here I am physical arousal... but is it not actually in my mind that is making me aroused... am I not deciphering all of my physical sensoray perceptions into a mind orgasam.

Women aften say they want just that hot bod and good looking guy... but yet they can get really turned on by his mind, his manner his personality... so I ask myself... what is more important... seducing a woman by my looks (fat chance of that... I was born average) or letting her know I am a man who is interested in her and her sexualaity and create a sensual environment for us to explore together...

Ohhh Like everonyeon AdultFriendFinder I do like sex... so what.... what I really like is a connection to the person I am having sex with... AHHH there is the best sex I have ever had in my life... I did the same things and had the same orgasam with another woman who I did not feel interested me a long time ago.... and it was just not the same... so I decided I am horney.. so what... I need a relatinship of some sorts with any woman I have sex with... so all of you horney women out there who want quick sex with me... well I am cheap... but I ain't easy... Or so I hope I can live by that... but being a man I am sure that I will show physical response.... butI honestly will feel used afterwards if you take adbvantage of me... I dont like the lack of afterglow and miss the feeling of WOW !!!... OK maybe this was an orgasam... but if I masterbated I could have had one tooo so what am I doing with this woman and is she expecting something I have no intention of giving... so Yea I will be strong and ladies you may not get sex from me... but you will respect me and yourself in the morning.... and I will still be

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