Infatuation... I just had to try  

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11/14/2005 1:09 pm

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Infatuation... I just had to try

I read profiles... yes I really do... about 200 a day... I read them because I am fascinated.. because I am searching... because I am cusious... and just because

I have come across a few profiles that I have liked and even wrote to the person... so far no real luck... I am not worried.. I know who I am.. and what I am about...and if it does not fit into her criteria ... well I have to figure she has lost out on one great guy.... I know there are hotter looking men out there... but there are few who have the strength of character I have... and fewer still that can be Romantic, understanding, caring, and know our boundaries and when to give up gracefully.

But this one woman just really caught my attention... traveled and speaks 2 languages.... and so captivated me that I had to write... and I know my letter was not that good... I was almost tongue tied.... I just did not express myself well... hopefully she will read my profile and find me worth a second look..

Even if she does not...hey.. I tried... but she was so impressive to me that I finally realized I am infatuated with a pic and a profile that may or may not be real.... and so it goes... welcome to

I wonder how many others have hit this situation.. . wanting to know a person better and knowing they most likely will not give you the time of day... knowing your chances of being hit by lightening are better then him?her getting back to you when you have expressed an interest... Bellisima... yes, very beautiful in my eyes... but I also know I want more than the opportunity to bed such a woman... Ands so the dance begins... the attempt to seduce the miond... to express myself in such a way as to have that special person want me from what she is beginning to know about me.... someone who will know that whatever happens that she will aways remember me as a special Man who touched her where so few men can...

Is it possibole... especially here in AdultFriendFinder... I believe so... even though I describe myself as a pragmatist and a realist, I am also the eternal optimist... always knowing the realities about me and always hoping for a better outcome than I should reasonably expect....

Will I change... Heck NO.. why should I... because first and foremost I like myself ( no not love myself) I like who I am... and while I am always trying to improve I am happy with the man I am.... Eventually one of my infatuations, crushes or whatever you want to term them will see the man I am... and will accept me because there is none (well at least very like me. I am special, unique and I will not sell myself short just to get a one night hookup.

OMG did I say that.. I guess I am not the player some thought I

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/14/2005 5:07 pm

I hope you have some luck soon

keep looking

keep writing

it will pay off eventually

there is someone out there for everyone babes

silky xx

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