Gushing (sometimes called Squirting) for Women and Men  

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10/1/2005 1:00 pm

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Gushing (sometimes called Squirting) for Women and Men

I found three more groups yesterday--PATHWAY TO ROMANCE, Squirt Club, and Tantra Sacred Sex.

Why so many groups? Well, Xtreemneed moderates PATHWAY TO ROMANCE and is terrific, so why not?

A bit of background on the other two--for me to remember and to share.

I had heard about Tantra-- a form of yoga that brings both women and men to exceptional places of connection, loving, expression and sex--from a friend in South Florida. In October, 2000, I found a visiting female Tantra teacher who was in Chicago and had two lessons with her--and was turned on to some Internet resources dealing with Tantra. At that time I learned that all women can have "gushing/squirting" orgasms. That was an eye-opener for me!!

On September 11, 2001, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I banked some sperm and had my prostate (with all the cancer) removed in November, 2001.

Without a prostate, a man cannot ejaculate sperm. It's somehow absorbed into the body. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I sometimes gushed a clear, sweet liquid that is the same as the fluid the women ejaculate in their orgasms.

That really made me more interested in both gushing orgasms and in Tantra. I would love to find a female partner who would want to explore Tantra with me--and a teacher who would show us how to achieve new levels of bliss and fulfillment.

Rather than limiting sexual experience, the removal of my prostate--I am still cancer-free by the way--may have opened me to totally unexplored areas of male sexuality. I recently discovered a tenique called jelq that, in essence, is a way to "milk" the penis. It resulted in my being able to "gush" more often. I'm sure that all men gush--they just have that fluid blended in with everything else in the prostate.

It's fun to find groups here on AdultFriendFinder who are exploring new dimensions I want to learn more about. I hope I find one or more friends with benefits who wants to explore some of these with me.

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