Teen years - partys, gropings, not much else  

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3/4/2005 8:01 am

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Teen years - partys, gropings, not much else

We were a bunch of teens that hung out at a Church, and started a youth club, and had our own private parties - Pink Floyd and sometimes something to smoke (wink).

One party was a disaster for my date, it was her party and she cried becuase she wanted to - she was a great kisser, and I liked to press her nipples, but that party - I think it was her first or most heavy menstruation, so I did not have everywhere to feel up !

One part, I started fooling with a girl that was the younger adopted sister of the guy that was having the party, his parents were out, she got back out of bed in her jammies.... very sweet.

Another party, two sisters - the one that was my age was actually fancied by one of my mates, but he was slow, so I was first to feel around, until he got jealous and wanted to take over. That was cool with me, as her younger sister came out of her bedroom in her jammies, and sat on the stair - we chatted, shared some cider, and then we were all over each other, mutual masturbation was as far as we went in those days.

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