Punk rock and roll  

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3/4/2005 8:32 am

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Punk rock and roll

Well, some nice girls, we just touched, no full sex until at 18 me and my mates started a punk band. I had studied classical piano up to 2 years previous, started Guitar for the last 18 months and had written a lot of songs, and then the Sex Pistols and all that came along, so I was at the clubs in central london, white powder, smoking material and lots of random punkettes in the club that would snog, give me a blow job, or just screw. But that screwed my a-levels, so whilst the rest of the band did not go midweek clubbing with me, but got into University, I was a failure and did not get the grades to go anywhere at that time, so started a job as an anatomy technician. This was the best way to be a punk and still have some career, as it did not matter too much on my appearance - Green short spiky hair and bondage pants did not matter as I had to change sometimes into full gown, splash apron, visor, gloves and boots.

But the Medic students loved me - I was the rebel that they wished to be, I even played a role in a student production of Habeus Corpus, and the cast party was a blast, when I had my white powder.

Another student party, lets call her Maria, she was a wild one, she had already decided to marry another medic, lets call him Pat. But, at her parents house - parents absent - we were partying, she was in some strange thin whispy thing - not really a dress, more a set of veils, that showed up her quite ample but compact frame.... Pat was out of it on booze, so was not ready for anything, and most of the other students had left, because they all lived more centrally to this location in south london.

However, Maria and I were dancing, and deep french kissing, and then groping, I then found Pat's very moist pussy... the wraps just fell away, I was on my back, sans pant, and Maria was riding me wildly - with Pat passed out not 50 feet away.

I came inside her, and then went down and tasted her juices with my juices, we moved around and she and I could 69, she soon had me harder again, and then I pushed her around and took her doggy style - her screams made me worried about her waking up Pat... he didnot stir, or perhaps was enjoying the show and pretending to be asleep.

We fucked 2 more times that night, and I crept away at 5 AM, well fucked but leaving Maria and Pat alone at last. There did not seem to be any issues afterwards, though, when I saw them later.

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