Fakes 'r' us?  

Girl4blackboys 40F
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8/29/2006 1:18 pm

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10/5/2006 5:13 am

Fakes 'r' us?

Well..seems to be that alot of people have alot of time. Otherwise I would not understand what is the use to put much energy in building fake accounts. Do boys really think they get girls by playing a girl? Well most of the time it is easy to figure out fakes. There are those girls that have clearly porn pics of them in their profile that I saw on porn sites. And I do not believe that 85 % of the girls down here are into that kind of business . Then there is the way a woman would describe herself, or a man would describe a woman. It's often attached to a kind of vulgarity you can figure out very fast that no woman who likes herself would write like that about herself. And it is also the way they talk to you in chats. There is a clear difference of what questions a woman is likely to ask first or what a guy would ask first . More difficult are those fake couple profiles. Sorry guys but as often as your girlfriend/spouse is just "on holidays, not here, being abroad" that does not really sound normal to me. Don't you think somebody dating you as a couple would also wait for the female part to show up? And, do you really think somebody looking for couples will date you as a single because they are desperate enough to do so? I would not count on it...

Well...fakes never phone you back so I give voluntary my phone number out to those. They don't call, so they have not passed the fake test. A very effective method that works since I am on internet, and that they did the first time to me when I showed in a chat to get operator status. Do the same and have fun in this fake-free zone at least with me.

blkready4action 46M

10/4/2006 7:02 pm

Too bad there are too many fake people.I learn that long ago.You just have to keep weeding them out

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