Hello from the far side of my mind.  

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8/28/2005 10:47 am

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Hello from the far side of my mind.

Wow, it's dark in here. I didn't realize there was so much empty space in here. We'll have to change all that. I'm sure once I get some lights on in this place, I'll discover there are a lot of hidden and exciting things in here that everyone will want to see and hear about.

I think this place needs a little furniture. Perhaps a nice leather chair with a high back. A fireplace would be nice. A soft and squishy couch that two could really sink down into. For now, no big screen TV. We'll leave that till later. There are lots of old and dusty things in here that we need to explore first. Sorry about this old lamp. I know the bulb isn't very bright. But it kinda adds to the atmosphrer don't you think? It really fits this old room.

Hey, what is that by the mantle? It is an old grandfather clock. That is really nice. Old dark cherry wood and it matches the mantle and hardwood flooring. I gotta get an old persian rug for the front of that fireplace. Maybe a burgundy one with some gold in it and maybe a little dark green too. That fits perfectly. This old bar is nice. A bottle of 30 year old scotch and some brandy. Hum....I believe that is a Saki decanter. Man, this is a weird place. That old painting over the fireplace is kinda spooky. That old guy looks like he was from the early 1800's. Maybe English? These books on this bookshelf look mighty old too. They look to be expensive even though they are in bad condition. Most of the leather covers are cracked and the bindings split. I'll have to be very careful looking at these. They look like they might fall apart very easy. The pages are so yellow and they smell all musty on that shelf.

I think there will be some interesting things in those books. I'll have to check them out when I have a little time. Perhaps tomorrow.

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