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9/4/2005 9:28 pm

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About Me

Hey Friends,

I am writing this to tell everyone about me a little.

I love pretty young ladies!

I work at a pharmaceutical company in Clayton NC. I work as a technician and handle semi-automated equipment. My job is about 60% computer monitoring and about 20 % physical work and about 20% sitting around waiting for the next step. I work 12 hour shifts on a rotating schedule. I work two weeks of days and two weeks of night, both from 6 till 6. I have days off during the middle of the week every week.

The reason for writing this, is that I have plenty of time at work during either days or nights to communicate with friends from here. But by the nature of this site, cannot be here. Our computers are monitored somewhat. I can however, email freely. If anyone of my friends from here have an actual email address, or would like to give me a number to call, I would have plenty of time for discussions and fun by either email or phone. We could talk and get to know each other and then, if we have enough in common to decide to meet, could set it up for a day we am off.

I will respond to everyone who gives me an email address. I have gotten several from girls who are just pushing a pay site to sell memberships to view their photos. I am not interested in that. To me, you are not real. I only want real friends who actually are interested in making friends and possibly meeting for fun.

I am a very down to earth guy. What you see is what you get. I am fairly average in my physical condition. I am not out of shape, but no bodybuilder either. I thik I am fairly good looking with a good sense of humor and easy to get along with. I am mainly interested in meeting people from fairly close by, but will still be internet friends withthose from farther away. I love erotic stimulation and that includes many things. Too many to list. I love socializing and hanging out with friends. I tend to be kinda physical and like my girl friends to be the same...lots of touching, feeling and hugs and kissing are just natural. When you see me in public or at a party I walking up and at least get a hug or kiss. I have not meet too many strangers, although at times, I hang back a little for a few minutes to gauge the other person personality. I have found some are Not as comfortable with causual kissing and touching, so depending on body language and such, may hang back during a first meeting, if I am not sure.

I am quite open to answering any questions about myself, so feel free to ask anything...and I mean Anything. I will tell you what you need or want to know. I live by the treat others as you want to be treated. Anyone of my firends will get respect, love, affection, and true friendship from me. I do not believe in lying to get laid. There are too many ladies out there for that. If you are looking a husband and think you would not be interested in a guy out to just be friends and not get too serious, then I am not for you. I am just wanting friends now. I don't tie anyone down. See whomever you like. I do not want to own anyone. I am not jeolous. I have been as honest as I know how to be at this point. I love pretty ladies. All types and sizes. I have a weakness for large breast, cute butts, and red hair, but love everyone even if you have none of those characteristics. My ultimate fantasy is to find a pretty girl who does not know the word NO. One who can trust me enough and be comfortable enough with me to know I will never hurt her or be abusive. I love kinky stuff and love it when A girl sits on my cock. Anal is so kinky to me even though I have only been there limited times. I think the trust factor makes it such a turn on. I love when a girl gives me complete control. I also have had experiences where I gave her complete contol. The word Trust is the biggest word out there. It in itself is very erotic and exciting. There are many other sexual stimulating topics, but Iwill leave those till later.

Feel free to add comments, suggestions, ideas or whatever. Anyone who feels they would like to know me, send me a message with you email address please. I also love photos. Right now, I do not have too many on digital, but hope to find someone who will take a few for me. I have the camera already. If interested write also.

Till later, have a Great Week!

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