H .S. V.  

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H .S. V.

H.S.V. is Herpes Simplex Virus.
1 in 4 adults have Herpes in one form or another.

Association of Gifted Groups is dedicated to Helping AdultFriendFinder Members with Herpes find Groups,Friends & Playmates.

Check out our Group Directory.

Atlanta,ga.Gifted Swingers of Atlanta
Boise,Id.Boise Swingers With Herpes
British Columbia.Gifted Dating Group of BC
Chicag,IL.Herpes Dating Grp of Chicago
Colorado.Gifted Swingers of Colorado
Daytona Beach,Fl.Gifted PlayMates
Women,Daytona Beach.Gifted Women
Kansas City.Herpes Dating Group of K.C.
Knoxville,Tn.Dating those with herpes
Las Vegas,Nv.The Herpes Dating Group
Women,Las Vegas.Herpes Dating and Friends
New York,NY..
Philadelphia Pa.Gifted Friends and PlayMates
Phoenix,Az.Herpes Club
Sacremento,Ca.herpes friends
Seattle,Wa.Herpes Dating Group of Seattle
Texas. Gifted Friends & Lovers
Virginia. Herpes Dating Grp of Virginia

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