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7/14/2006 1:59 pm

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Group Bulletin

Powerstroke92 Leaves AdultFriendFinder

Wow,I have been putting in a lot of time here working and fine tuning trying to present ideas.And I've heard a lot of good things.
But I have to leave AdultFriendFinder.I have gone off the deep end ,spending way too much time here and neglecting my own life.I feel addicted!
I've put on 60-70 lbs from not exercising.I've neglected my music and recording.My brother outshot me at frontsight!
I think you could call what I have AdultFriendFinder burnout.So I deleted my Profile.
I just want to say thanks to everyone one more time.I'll miss you guys,but I need to move on.

...............John.....AKA Powerstroke92

"Question of the Week"

Hello Moderators.
We now have a "Question of the week."
What we're looking for is a good Herpes question about ,Relationships,Remedies,and Coping.
People ask questions all the time in the groups.If you see a good question post a link on the Association of Gifted Groups message board.
This will give it exposure in all of the groups.It will also bring people to your groups message board.
We can of course have more than one if we get good response,but for now one per week should do it.Let's try it out and see how things work out.

The question will be posted on the association home page via Hyperlink.
Did someone in your group post a really good question?

New group in Philadelphia
There's a new group in Philly! Gifted Friends and PlayMates

Boise Id, British Columbia, DelMarVa,& Virginia can use some help in the posting dept.
Everyone stop in and say hello to these groups.Let's help get them out of the dungeon.

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