Dream a Little Dream  

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8/15/2006 8:18 pm
Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream

Sitting there with you in the quiet room, thinking about my options, was almost more than I could stand. You had asked me several days ago if I was interested in trying something new. Of course with you, I'm always willing. You had just smile that sweet smile and told it would come soon and hopefully I would like it.

Ever since that day I've been hot with anticipation every time we're alone together. But so far things had been normal. Well, as normal as it gets for two people as in lust as us.

We had eaten dinner and were sitting down watching a movie and you told me you needed to run to the bathroom, but not to pause the movie. So I was just sitting in my favorite chair, intent on the TV when it happened.

Suddenly everything went dark and I felt you behind me as something wrapped around my head. My hands went to my face immediately but you said, "No, kitten, don't touch. If you try to take it off, the game is over."

Slowly I let my hands fall back onto my lap as I felt you tie the blindfold firmly at the back of my head. I could see very little light through the fabric and nothing else.

"Stand up," you commanded, in a voice I'd never heard from you before.

Slowly I stood, unsure of what I was to do next. You spoke again, but now from in front of me. "These are the rules, they're very simple. You're not to take off the blindfold, or even touch it. You're not to move or to speak without my permissions, but once I give an order I expect instant results. Is this clear?"

I was frozen in place. Heat rushed through my body as I listened to what you said. This was all new to me in reality, but in fantasy, I knew what was going on. I nodded.

Sharply I felt your fingers grab my nipple and pinch, enough to make sure I was paying attention. "When I ask you a question, you will consider this a command to use your voice, not gestures. I want to hear you say it."

"Yes, I understand," my voice was soft and throaty.

"Ah, better, much better." I could almost hear you laughing. "Now, take off your shirt."

Slowly my hands began to unbutton my shirt and I was surprised to find them steady. As if they knew what to expect. I pushed the shirt off my shoulders and stood in front of you, breasts lifted by my favorite bra. It's a warm, peachy color with half cups and I wondered if my nipples were showing.

"Now, the pants."

I slid out of my pants, grazing them over my hips and down my long legs. Now you could see that I'd finally given into your request to get at least one g-string and this left me wearing almost nothing.

"Very nice," you whispered in my ear, making me jump. "Did you wear these just for me?"

"You know I did, " I whispered back, somewhat embarrassed.

"Don't be impudent, now!" you growled as I felt your fingers tweak my other nipple. This time you did laugh at my gasp of breath. "But it is a lovely picture, I must say."

With those words I was suddenly self-conscious. And I knew you were walking all the way around me, you touched me just often enough to assure me of it.

"What an ass." You said as your fingers took the thin string at the top and gave it a gentle tug. I whimpered as I felt my panties slip deeper into the crack of my rear and wedge slightly between my outer lips.

As you admired your work from behind, you asked me what was wrong and I explained about the discomfort my panties were causing me.

"We wouldn't want that, now would we?" Your calm voice was mocking as you walked in front of me. It sounded like you were getting on your knees, but I wasn't sure. You slid a finger from each hand underneath the g-string and ran them down the satin fabric. I gave a small sigh as the pressure was removed from my pussy. I would have known better if I could have seen the smile on your face. You then deliberately pushed the fabric back into me and slowly stroked my clit through the fabric. The other hand went behind me and pulled the string even deeper into my ass.

"What did I say about my rules?" You asked me softly. "I did something and you failed to accept it. Do you want me to stop?" All this time your finger continued to fondle the tiny nub of my clit and I knew my panties were wet by now.

"I...no." I finally answered.

"I didn't think so."

The darkness made me somewhat frantic and I licked my lips. I could feel my nostrils flare as if I could smell your intentions. Of course, I couldn't, but these motions were out of my control. I didn't know what to expect now.

Suddenly I felt your mouth near my ear, hot, tiny licks at the lobe. Between licks you spoke to me with little puffs of air, just the kind of thing that leaves me weak in the knees. "On...your...knees." Swaying I almost feel and I felt myself get even wetter. Obediently I dropped to my knees.

"Open your mouth." You sounded so calm, almost uninvolved but I obeyed, understanding this part. I felt your hard cock on my lower lip and my tongue darted out for a quick lick. You pulled back slightly to tell me, "Don't suck, just lick." And I felt you again.

With quick, short licks I started to get your cock wet. I could feel it get even harder beneath my soft touches. I nuzzled down and started to give the same attention to your balls, then worked back to the tip with long, slow strokes.

I could feel you start to push against me, into my mouth, but I continued to do just as you'd asked me too.

Finally, in a somewhat less calm voice, you told me I could now suck you, but forbid me to use my hands.

Willingly I took you into my mouth and closed over just the head. With gentle suction I held you there as I ran my tongue over and around your cockhead. I drew my head back and you came out of my mouth with a soft pop. Opening wide again, I took your entire length into my warm mouth. Sucking firmly I pulled away from you, all the time swirling my tongue along the hard shaft.

I was barely aware of you above me making the occasional soft sigh. When your hand came to rest in my hair, my awareness increased somewhat, but it was not until you twined your hand through my hair and gave a full yank that you had my full attention once more.

I felt bereft as you pulled away from me and my tongue could not be still.

"You love this don't you?" you rasped. On your knees before me, a cock in your mouth. Don't you?" You continued to tug on my hair and the feeling went straight through me.

"Yes, I love it, I love sucking you," I managed to gasp.

"Then finish it." You demanded and thrust your cock back into my hot mouth.

Almost frantically I began sucking again, drawing your entire length into my mouth and back out again. I kept a good amount of suction going and felt you draw in and your cock begin to twitch.

Both hands were buried in my thick hair as you pushed even deeper into my mouth and held yourself there. I felt your hot cum spurt into my mouth as I continued to suck you. After the final spasm I gave you one last stroke before pulling away and swallowing.

After several deep breaths you started to stroke my hair. "Such a good little kitten. I wonder if I can make you purr."

"Stand up!" you commanded.

I did as I was told and as I stood before you, I could feel my wetness, feel my soaked panties. You trailed a hand over my body, touching my shoulders, my stomach, the curve of my hip and I wondered what was expected of me now. Then you hands came to rest on my hips, you were behind me now, and you slowly started to pull my g-string down. "Spread your legs a little," you told me and again I obeyed without hesitation.

I felt an easing of pressure as the string and crotch of my panties was pulled away. You continued to draw them down until they were at my ankles. Gently you helped me step of out of them.

Within a moment I felt your mouth on my right breast, licking and tasting the skin not covered by my bra. I felt your tongue flicker over my nipple, surprisingly still covered. The nipple got hard as I enjoyed the attention. Then you pushed the cup down that tiny bit and I felt your tongue on my nipple. Gently you closed your teeth over it and began to bite me.

Unable to control myself I pushed forward towards you the tiniest bit. Immediately you stopped. Using your fingers to flick my nipple, you said, "I tell you when to move, not you. Don't disappoint me again."

"No, no I won't," I stammered.

Your mouth went back to work, this time on the left breast. I was clenching my jaw, reminding myself not to move.

Unexpectedly, your hand was on my knee, slowly moving up my thigh. I held my breath as you got closer to the hot center of me, but you continued to tease and ran your fingers back down the other leg.

"Spread your legs," you instructed.

After I'd done so, I could feel the fluid trickling down my thigh. You were driving me crazy and any second you were going to have proof of it

Biting my lip against the need to thrust myself, I waited. Your mouth continued its torment of my nipples, back and forth.

Then without warning I felt a finger slip through my wet slit. This brought a sharp whimper from my lips and I struggled to remain still. Slowly you moved through my wetness, doing nothing more than teasing me again.

"You're very wet, kitten. Tell me, do you like my game?"

"Yes." The word was like a breath, low as a sigh. I heard you moving but wasn't sure what was happening.

"Now, I know you, and know you'll never manage silence for this. Plus I like hearing your voice anyway, so feel free to tell me how good it feel. But don't move." As you spoke I could feel your hot breath on my clit and knew you must have knelt before me.

With tiny licks you found my clit and I felt the walls of my pussy tighten Just as I was forcing my self to breathe and relax you slid a finger into me. A moan broke from my throat. Sliding out a bit you slid a second, then third finger into my dripping pussy. I wanted to grind myself onto them so badly, I felt like I was suspended on your hand.

Your tongue continued to dance over my clit as I gasped for breath. Then you started to curl your fingers forward and were stroking my g-spot. I cried out, "oh god!" and you stroked me faster. I could feel myself tightening and was sure you could too. Suddenly you pulled away from me and stood to take my shoulders and turn me around.

You quickly pushed me forward over the back of the couch. My ass was pushing up as you pulled my breasts completely out of my bra cups. You grabbed a nipple in each hand and I could feel my wetness on your hands.

As I was focused on your hands I was surprised to feel your cock plunge into me. I was so wet there was almost no resistance, just a feeling of fullness.

You grabbed my hips and started stroking you cock in and out of my pussy. My moans and cries had merged together into one long cry of need. You leaned over me and spoke quietly. "Touch yourself. Rub your clit as I fuck you."

Relief at being able to move flooded through me as I moved to carry out your latest command. With a sign I started to rub myself as your cock pushed deep into me before drawing almost entirely out. Again and again you plunged into me as my hand started to move faster.

The walls of my pussy began to get tighter and tighter as my fingers flew over my clit. Now I could not control myself any longer and I began pushing back to meet your strokes, wanting you even deeper inside me.

Forgetting all the rules I pushed my ass back towards you and cried out, "Harder, fuck me harder."

Somewhat out of control yourself you sank your fingers into my flesh and pulled me onto you. You cock was pounding into me and my fingers kept the pace as I felt my orgasm draw near. Our panting breath filled the room with the sound of our bodies coming together.

Deep inside me the wave broke and I cried out, "Ooh, I'm going to cum." You didn't even slow down, just kept slamming into me. As I started to cum, my walls drew on your cock and squeezed you tight.

With a final hard thrust you buried yourself in my twitching cunt and let go. I could feel your cock jerking inside me as my body started to relax. You pulled away and stood up. My hands reached towards the blindfold, but gently you slapped them away, saying, "What do you think you're doing? I will take it off when I'm done with you, and I assure you, I'm not done yet."

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