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6/14/2006 10:07 am

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Her HotWife FAQ

Many can’t or won’t read profiles, actually listing all of this would just make a profile long and drawn out. Anyways this is a type of FAQ that will let others knows what we think, what we seek, and what we avoid. We know what we want and will see it when we find it, we do not need to be sold to, jsut be yourself!

Q: What type of guy do you seek?Could list adjectives all day. But one who has a sence of humor, is considerate of others, understands he is a guest not the center of our marriage, is respectful of our relationship, and tolerant of our limited time we have to “play.”

Q: When do you want to meet?
We will meet when we can, and have interests in someone. We have not set out criteria, but when someone seems right things just fall into place. We have family and everyone will have to be understanding, clever and persistent because we do this right under everyone’s nose with out detection.

Q What do you NOT do in bed?
Nothing to do with piss, scat, blood, vomit, or stuff like that! No pain, tying up, or D/s
no anal sex (You did read and understand NO ANAL SEX?) you can lick it but nothing enters the back door! No homosexual or bisexual stuff in your past present or future. No humiliation! Nothing that implies animals or people under 21!
"Vanilla" thressomes if you can call it that

Q What are her turn ons?
Tasteful humor, dedication, life that stands for something, sincere respect for her as a person, sincere respect for hubby Polite until time to be wild Able to respect limits with out whining, power playing or passive retaliation. Enjoying her/our company and sexuality with out feeling you have to trick, trap, or control.

Q How long have you been doing this?
About 4 years only about 3 others and less than 10 adventures to date. Keeping it simple works for us and is more real and sincere than a “black book” of warm bodies. Think of it as a step above swinging and a step below polyamory.

Q Does she play alone?
If you mean does she play on the sly with out hubby knowing or being involved in some way, no never.

Q How do you screen your potential “playmate?”Again things fall into place and someone just connects. Hubby does most the screening and picks the most compatible person then she takes it from there. If you do not want to befriend or deal with a guy don’t approach couples.

Q Are you for real?
Yes we are, we put a lot into this and figure it shows, those who think it is a joke then please think it is a joke no reason to stress over it.

Q What are those role play fantasis you have?
Will blog them as we have time, nothing over the top, just things we would like to expereince while visiting the other guy.

Hope you day is well

sumwon_else 43M
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6/14/2006 11:18 am

Hope your day is well too. You seem well enough. Good luck!

GhostwolfSpyGirl 47M/47F

6/16/2006 1:59 pm

thanks sumwon

GhostwolfSpyGirl 47M/47F

6/18/2006 7:30 pm


It takes effort to find a compatible person, but we have had good luck thus far. We do go slow and of course on our terms. We only had one near indicent with a "creep."

We just do what we do and let nature takes its course, if or when we meet someone we are interested in we meet in person and go from there.

How has your luck been?

GhostwolfSpyGirl 47M/47F

6/22/2006 8:36 pm

Hi 52

We believe one can be both serious in content and intent, but present it in a fun way. We got your email, personal situation makes meeting for a bit difficult.

hope all is well with you

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