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12/28/2005 3:43 am

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Feelin' Geeky

I have been feeling a little geeky recently.

A couple months ago, I left my house charger for my Nextel at a friends house downstate. I have even been back there recently, but still did not get the charger. A day after getting back home and realizing that I forgot my charger I had to do something. My phone needs to be charged every night, it only holds about a day and a half of charge, with minimal talking. I think I should get a new battery, but since I can just plug it in every night, I haven't. Anyway, to solve the no house charger dilemma: I rigged my car charger into my computer. At first I had the leads taped into place. I was able to get my hands on a cigarette lighter outlet from a car at work, so I hooked that to my computer. (More on my job in my next post, probably).

My car charger broke a wire awhile ago. It was still useable, but I had to make sure the wire was in the right position. This was VERY annoying. I disassembled it the other day and hooked a couple of leads up to bypass the break in the wire. This worked fine until about 5 hours ago. I went to plug my phone in and it wouldn't start charging. One of the pins had come out of the plug. When I went to plug it back in, the little bastard broke off. GRRRRRRRR.

After disassembling the phone charger, I decided to check out my data cable. I use my Nextel as a modem, and have been quite upset at the fact that my data cable won't charge my phone. The autopsy revealed that Motorola didn't intend on letting me charge the phone with the data cable I have. The pins that are used to charge my phone were UNUSED.

Well, using the knowledge gleaned from my medical examinations of the aforementioned hardware, I decided to fix the data cable. A little ingenuity and a bit of lube will get you a long way in this world. Anyways, now I am happily connected to the internet, whilst my phone charges away.

I like being a geek

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