Failed Date  

Ghost_Kawasaki 31M
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12/22/2005 1:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Failed Date

So, Monday I met up with someone I met on A.F.F. I was very nervous, she was the first person I had met in person after meeting online. We had talked and her personality seemed quite similar to mine. She even shares my fear of seaweed. I picked her up and we went for something to eat. Then we went to my place for a movie. She was beautiful, and she was physically attractive as well. I couldn't even do a yawn and stretch during the movie. Afterwards I took her home. She got out and thanked me for the evening, not even a kiss goodnight. It seemed as if something about me turned her off. She seemed so excited before I picked her up, I don't know what happened. She told me today on messenger that she wants to be "Just Friends".

Until later Friends.

rm_nhbfmaaph 47F
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12/22/2005 6:21 pm

Don't worry about it Sweetie. Sounds like she didn't appreciate a gentleman. Don't know what is happening to women these days. If it is any consolation I would have been proud you were by my side. At the end of the date I would have been glad to at least give you a hug, thanked you and then anxiously waited for you to contact me again. Don't let the world of women hurt you. Stay sweet and the gentleman that you are and someone that deserves will come along one day!!! Hugs!!!!


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