Class is Boooooor-ring!  

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1/10/2006 11:59 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Class is Boooooor-ring!

Wow.... I went to my networking class tonight. 18 people are in it! I thought there would be around 10.

Well, it sounded like it would be fun. I hope it gets funner than tonight was. I ended up falling asleep before the second break. My instructor had made a point of mentioning sleeping in class before the first break.

I am a pretty experienced classroom sleeper. I slept through most of high-school. In fact, one time I was in In-School Suspension, where you sit in the office all day long, for sleeping in fifth hour. During the time I would have been in fifth hour, I was pretending to read a book, but really sleeping. I was informed upon waking that one secretary fell for the ruse, and had to have it pointed out by the other. When she was alerted to my state, she simply let me sleep.

Well, back to tonight. I woke shortly before the second break. I decided to go home when break was called. I almost fell asleep again before break started. Once I got out of the class I woke considerably. Maybe it was the fresh air. I am eating some dinner now, at 9:49, two hours after skipping class.


This didn't post, retrying... 10:42

This didn't post again, my Nextel is screwing with me again. It is losing signal for no reason. I will leave this open and post later. I am going to play some Generals: Zero Hour now. My disk is still ripping, but I put it in low-priority mode. The game should be fine. Updates later. 10:50


Wow this post is being annoying. I am supposed to go take a shower and get ready for work. It is 2:50 pm Tuesday now. I started this post yesterday. It just won't post.

In other news my Nextel appears to have stopped charging the battery. I do not know the extent of the issue, more tests are scheduled. Updates will be available later.


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1/10/2006 12:14 pm

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