look before u hit send....  

Gfallsbabygirl 42F
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10/5/2005 7:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

look before u hit send....

ok when you are messaging or browsing people make sure that yall r looking for the same thing people...that way u save u and the other person the aggrevation....n think about how the email sounds before u send it does it make u sound appealing? desperate? lame? or like a psycho axe murderer...?
well just a lil thought from me i hate when men hit me up when they aint even read what im looking for n assume that imma say "come get me"...hell no i have standards i go by.....

swet2eat69 47F
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10/5/2005 9:59 am

I am with you honey!! What are they thinking?? I filled out all those questions for a reason. Take the time to READ it and see if we would work out BEFORE you email me. Dont just throw it out there and hope.

rm_Soob2 46M

10/6/2005 12:28 pm

Hey, I'm not disagreeing with you that there are a lot of people on here that can't read, but I think for a lot of guys on here, it is a numbers game. There are so many guys on here, that the ratio of men to women is probably 20 to 1, and the fact that most of the women are just standard members, they can't (or won't) contact other men. If you only get responses back from 5% of the women you contact, you have to send out a lot messages, so I'm guessing people get frustrated and just start sending messages to everyone, even if they are not really compatible, just to get something going. What I don't understand is, AdultFriendFinder gives you pre-canned rejection letters for email, why doesn't anyone use them? I would rather get a rejection letter than no response at all.

Oh, one other thing, maybe your "Ideal Partner" description needs to be more specific? I see you are looking for someone experienced who likes foreplay. Couldn't that be just about anyone on here?

rm_unlistedone 65M
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10/9/2005 2:41 am

What you suggest is a good thing... but can't be done by a lot of folks here. They can't see the profiles. They can only see a pic,(maybe) and less than one line about the person/couple. Not a good thing for both parties. So they take a shot at it, in hopes it lands.
For some, there really isn't a good way of communicating here.

I stopped by here, because I saw where you were from... and longed to speak to someone from the area I grew up. Been a long time since I have been there.

Both you and sweet (sorry about shortening your name) are on the right track. Use the blog to help you find what you want. Post here what you are looking for, or better yet, c&p a part of your profile that you want people to pay attention to and read. That would help anyone, like myself to know what it is your are looking for and wanting here. A lot of interesting people here... if you give them a chance. (And a lot of strange ones, also. LO

I hope this helps you. Keep writing and have a great week.

A new friend, I hope, Unlisted One

rm_endwar_at_hm 42M

10/9/2005 4:21 am

I agree with what Soob2 said. It is a numbers game. I can well imagine that some people don't get any responses at all. I think the image or illusion that this site, or sites like this is a free-for-all, or a sexually promiscuous environemnt is one that the company wants to keep up, true or not.

It can get pretty frustrating if you can't meet anyone at all... hope you understand.

then again, i do aplogise for the men too.

Gfallsbabygirl 42F
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10/16/2005 7:26 am

thanks for the feed back yall maybe i will b more specific...but what about the age thing i keep getting men old enuff to be my grandfather im'ing me talking bout things that just kinda freak me out to think bout with soimeone that old...i have had a few 75 yr old men one older than that too....do things even still work on a man at that age?...lay off the viagra pops...lol...j/k...

rm_newtothis245 49M

1/1/2006 1:21 pm

I agree that people don't read the whole profile. For me as a black man, I do look at race first. If she doesn't want to be with a "differently hued" male, that is her preference. I won't bother to read the rest of the profile as she won't be interested anyway. As far as age, there are so many ladies in their forties/fifties on here that put some much younger ladies to shame. But as my mother is in her early fifties, no way would I approach them. Having said all that, reading is fundamental. Sparsely filled out profiles shows no real thought and is a turn-off. A well-written profile actually is more attractive than a nude picture to me. Like it says in my profile, we are not children. It is a numbers games like Soob2 says as the ratio is inverse on here in comparison to "real life." Emailing a lot is our best chance in most cases. I don't do it for the reasons stated above. If she isn't interested, she won't bother to respond anyway. I say better a FEW (not 10s, 100s, etc) too many emails than none at all.

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