Posting your picture over the Internet  

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12/19/2005 2:35 pm

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Posting your picture over the Internet

Sexual perverts come in all shapes and sizes and any one of us can become a victim of one of these sick individuals with or without being seen with our clothes off.

Then there is job security and being afraid of your boss or co-workers found out you were here that you would get fired and not able to find another job as good as the one you have. Well if I worked for a pervert like the ‘Donald’ I would not be working there for very long so I really wouldn’t worry about it. Hey the Donald is so full of himself it is not even funny. I would get fired for laughing at the ridicules outfits he wears and that totally off the wall hairstyle. Hey I am a nudist and yes I enjoy the friends I have met here and if someone like the Donald does not like it then he can either fire me or learn to deal with it. I’d lay odds he would deal with it. Just as I know your bosses if they knew would also deal with it. As far as co-workers making a big deal out of it let them. Look at how many famous people are famous only because they refused to let other people’s small minds get to them. So if you want to allow your misguided ideas of what other people think of you interfere with your being able to relax and have a good time that is your business. Me? I’d rather let it all hang and let the other people choke on it or learn to deal with it. It is their choice.

About a year ago I posted a similar statement on a nudist web site. Ok are ya’ll ready for this. One person was afraid to post his naked picture at that website out of fear that one of his neighbors might see it. Ok it is a members only website which means that if one of his neighbors, co-workers or boss was to see his naked picture and profile at that nudist web site that they too are nudists.

No one likes being the victim of someone else’s perverted mind. And that is exactly what a lot of people have done here by allowing their fears of what someone else might or might not do or think control their ability to openly and honestly interact with others at this site. A very fine lady want to attract a very loving and caring gentleman so she posts a picture of her vagina or her boobs. Then she is horrified when only sexual perverts are interested in her. Or some gentleman seeking a very fine lady for a long-term relationship posts a picture of his penis. Then he is surprised, when only guys or ladies out for a good time with no strings attached are interested in him.

Then the one I get a lot of is how people, both men and women, are ashamed of the way their bodies look. They are ugly because they are too fat or they are a little pudgy. A man is bald or balding or a lady’s hair is too thin and stringy. We all have thing about us we would like to change that is one of the reasons I go to the fitness center 3 times a week that and to get away from the old lady for a couple of hours every week. After 24 years of marriage and no sex for the past 6 of those years I need a change.

In my own humble opinion it would be a lot better for people to post a full-length picture of themselves totally naked or fully clothed than just a body part.

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