Mu first encounter in Eire  

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8/10/2005 2:48 am

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Mu first encounter in Eire

Well, it's now a few weeks ago...

I was in a local pub and there was this nice young lady, Marion was her name as I find out in the ongoing chat. She has nice long hair, plaited to a thick braid, reached down nearly to her firm tiny ass. Whit boobs, like the right handful to fit, the lady you like to meet.

In the ongoing chat, she sometimes seems to be upset about the things i sad to her. So I ask her, why she was so upset and why she sometimes seems to blush. She explained to me, that I was saying some stuff, that whoud be realy coud missunderstood, that coud be interpreted in the one way or the other. Well, I told her that I sorry for that, I'm just arrived a few weeks ago and that it seems, that I need a little more practive in english. I also ask her, if she wont teach me the right words to tell to a lady to be not missunderstood. To my surprise she agreed to this. So we went over to her house, surprising again, her parents where out to visit friends for the complet weekend. So we have the place all for us allone. We talked again about this and that and she teached me the right words. So I ask her, if I can say thanks to her, in the german way. She says, well, why not and so I kissed her. After the first secends of resistens she gets fully involded in the kiss and her body replied to it.

We where moving over to her bedroom, it tryed to switch on the light, but she took my hands off the switch. Well, trough the open windows comes still enought light so see something. So I start exploring her body whit my hands. So we both get naked down the bed. I start to kiss her lips again and then moved deeper, to her nice soft firm boobs. Rub them gently and start to flicker my tongue around her hard nipples and squese the other one between my fingers. Her breath was getting heavier whit everu second. So I slowy start to going downwards, kiss her nice belly and the go deeper. Kiss her beautyfull legs on the outside, down to her toes. I suck a little bit on them too and the was realy breating hard now and give some sighs of deep pleasure from time to time. So I start to go upwards whit kissing, on the inside of her long and soft legs until I reach her mons. She smells like sex and tasted like honey, has I start to lick her.. but whats that?


She yelled to me. Well so I stop it and moved upwards again. Fondel her nice boobs, suck on her nipples ... but is soon, has I reach her nack, she whispers in my ear:

Can you kiss me again, down there, between my legs?

Whit a heavy voice and a bright shine in her eyes. So I just give her a smile and turn down again. Start to give her has mutch pleasure has she want. Has I start to pay more attention to her clit whit my tongue, I also use a finger, to pleasure her more. But as soon as I sticked my finger gently into her lovley jucie hole, she yelled again:


Mhm, she is my teacher for english, and from the last lesson, I remember, STOP IT means > go head whit what ever you doing there. So I use a secend finger and start to intensify my efforts. I still get some 'Oh NO's from her, but her body told me something complety diffrent. And it was a great fun to pleasure her in this way, seems to be her first time like this. But after a will, there was this language thing again. Now the start to shouting in a pleasured heavy breating voice:


Well, remember my own lessons back in school, YES is the opposite of NO. Seems that she wants me to stop now. But befor I can make a decision about this language issue, she was comming whit a loud YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

So I moved up and slipped very easy into her nice warme soft and tiny hole to give her a passionate fuck and she realy like it but she fucked me back barely. Then I ask her, if she want to go 'on top', but she told me:

No, a girl don't go on top on a man.

Well, so I make it in the good old proven way.

This was my first time in eire, whit a eire girl. Maybe we will meat again and then it's time to teach her a new lesson, what do you think shoud I teach her first? DoggyStyle oder BlowJob.


German Teacher

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