A Blog-Virgin hoping for some fun with a Sexy Lady in the New Year  

Georgie007777 67M
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12/31/2005 7:02 am

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A Blog-Virgin hoping for some fun with a Sexy Lady in the New Year

Hello - I'm a Blog Virgin - and this is my first time - so be gentle - here goes...

I have been with AdultFriendFinder and other sites for some years now... Always had a sense of hope when I paid my money - browsed, winked, mailed - got some replies - even got to meet a couple of super sexy ladies including a lovely younger divorced lady with whom we shared 7 months of fabulous fun until she met a man to marry because she needed help look after her 3 kids.

But since then, and that was 18 months ago - well - response has been a bit thin - some promised meetings with no shows while I wait in the cold. No fun - the odds in terms of the male/ female ratio are not good and probably worse when you are, like me, in your early 50s. But inside my head I'm still 23 and I sooooooooo need to be with a responsive woman.

So Guys: Is it just me or am I amongst friends?
And Ladies: What am I doing wrong?

Happy New Year to you all

Georgie007777 67M
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1/2/2006 12:59 am

Hi Divinitydesires,

Thanx for your support - Blogland is an odd place

1. most people I guess just read and do not post
2. others just seem to post "I'm here fuck me"
3. and then there are the 'angels in disguise' - open sharing and supportive...

You are one of those...

An Angel

Georgie x

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