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Professor Blog

It is my counselor, adviser, mentor, and preacher … It has the talent of encouraging others to think, to learn, to try new things, and to do new things. It is a friend, a leader, and a supporter… it’s teachings are helping others learn how to tolerate ambiguity, consider possibilities, and ask important questions. Professor blog is an agent of change spreading knowledge and ideas which means the creation of culture and the evolution of civilization.

Blog Health

learning about others can help you achieve good health . Self-understanding cannot easily be achieved in isolation ; other people help us to define who we are . Our
impression of ourselves depends upon how other people consistently react to us. Knowing others And understanding yourself leads to self-acceptance. As a result, you’ll find ways to escape excessive self-doubt and enjoy a much better healthy life.

Blog Attitudes

All information we perceived through our ears , eyes, and hands will shape our behavior and create our attitudes toward people and things . But behavior and attitude are not always the same thing . a person might feel black people are a inferior race ; but on a bus that same person might stand up to give the seat to an old black lady. The link between behavior and attitudes is not very strong ; and this is why is very difficult to predict people’s actions …..

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