Georgeroticlub 48M
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4/23/2006 4:56 pm

The Power Of Proactivity

Being “Proactive” means accepting responsibility for your attitudes, thoughts, and behaviour, instead of blaming other people or circumstances.

People who are successful in life, build that success on proactivity.

So what is “responsibility”? If you break this word down, it’s the “ability” to CHOOSE your “response”.

People who are proactive have developed the ability to respond rather than react to things, people, and circumstances. When you loose your temper, experience
depression, feel irritable or tired, or answer before you think, you’re reacting and not responding.

Choosing a response to any situation based upon what you value and want to achieve instead of your mood, makes you
proactive and “in control”. In other words, not a “victim”!

The secret is to be a light, not a judge; a model, not a critic; to feed opportunities and starve problems; to keep
promises instead of making excuses; and to focus and “act” on the things you can personally do something about,
instead of worrying and fretting about the things you can’t!

When you increase your proactivity skills (in other words, start using “I feel” statements both verbally and non
verbally), you start to take control of your life and your destiny.

The more we exercise our freedom to choose our response/ability, the more proactive, and therefore the more successful, we become!

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