Touching base!  

rm_GenuineTaste 51F
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8/30/2006 4:05 pm

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9/24/2006 12:54 pm

Touching base!

Hello to All..

I know I've been lacking in writing. Havn't felt much like it. I from time to time. Think how I should write, then one thing or another keeps me from doing so. Then I really have been pulled in many different directions lately. Like I often am. Exhaustion sometimes takes a course on me, giving me a brain that doesn't feel like thinking to hard, let alone. Thinking about something to write about.

The Monkey that sometimes gets on my back, hasn't been bothering me lately. Plus! I'm sure it gets boring to some, me often rattling on about that annoyng MONKEY.

Summer has been long. Still lots of hot days left. But School is back in play. Those with kids know how that can be a relief. Sometimes that is. With Football Season going on, that keeps me busy also. Chaperoning to practices and soon to start games. Taking me staight into NOV. As much as I like the outdoors. I'll be glad to see the cooler evenings approaching end next Month. The heatwave that not long ago past and the remaining heat presently, with the humidity high where I live. Has me wanting to just bask in the water, preferably on the BEACH in a secluded spot somewhere. So I could just grow nearer into the waves of the water. Bask in the coolness and wetness against my body while submerged in the Ocean Waves.

Since all I can do is DREAM on, for I don't live near a Ocean to bask on the Beach. I'll go try to unwind and take me a nice bubble bath, sip on some herbal tea. Listen to some R&R and let my mind drift off unto a zone of my own. One where I'll choose to think of someone thats been on my mind. Someone I've taken a liking to, some fellow I've associated with a bit here. So! far so good. I wonder how we will continue to flow. It's been a couple days since we've touched base. Hummm!!! Maybe I'll call him up in my mind, while bathing. Then if the urge hits me dial his digits and see how our conversation could go. Venturing off on a little phone sex stories, might lead us both to horizions yet explored between us.

I've checked from time to time, since I've last wrote in my blog, to see who may have come and gone. To my regular viewers. Some near some far. You know who you are. Just came by to touch base, so no one would wonder about me. I appreciate your coming always. Makes me often want to come and mingle and share. Free time don't alway come easy. Nor does exhaustion always ease up. Today I decided to let my friends know. I'm here, I'm okay.

Always feel welcome and continue to feel at ease, my friends when you come my way.

I'm out of here for now.

PEACE&JOY to all.

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

ScopionLoco4U 47M
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9/22/2006 9:52 pm

I've missed you to SWEET LADY! I can't never seem to catch up with you to connect. I'll keep trying until that time comes. (WINK)

rm_GenuineTaste 51F
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9/7/2006 7:17 pm

    Quoting rm_Suzabelle:
    Hi girl! I enjoyed your blog. BTW..thanks for backing me up today. When someone irks me, I open up and let it fly. Some days we need all the help we can get.
Your Welcome Hun! As I said; "I like your style."

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

wifey3223 47F
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9/3/2006 7:22 am

HEY GIRL MY GIRL YOU KNOW MONKEY IS MY NICK NAME ALMOST AS REAL AS MY REAl name renee'.I enjoyed you're writing , they're stories but being a mom, I see the realness & relate to you. I been feeling stressed to new home, taxes( I didn't get included this year & they're 1,000 more then I expected). KId's been gun ho all summer, all up all night. I had enrolled my daughter senior out of rough det school to a charter school. They call me friday how many days before school starts like 5? And say, she cant go. so we were shopping for school cloth's , decent lady like, not to tight, uniform color's. I love to spend time with my kid's but is always rushed society, tiredness. You know I just got over pneumonia a few week's back. they think, I have sleep acnia which would explain my tiredness allot, swollen feet.Work has also been trying but I'm grateful fro a job. I only see 2 men at my new home, both young 29, & younger.But nice, romantic, take time with me.(one I wonder he can se me once a year, he's not moved by women, sex, & more & is cleaner then any women I know. HEs so clean, I love to eat him all day , hrs nightly & he loves ass licking (rimming). It amazes me girl, how men hold they're leg's up as we do on oral, for you to lick they're juicy asses.I just wish , they all were as well groomed as him. I forgot my other regal on line name. I call him his real name so much (will). Ill mention his real name Incas he should ever read. any way will & soyo have been with me since day one. will was one of my newer ones when started , soyo waited a while & is well worth al the wait in gold.darius 3333 is another who, i think is mixed hes a delight. I also never meet this one pelican man or pecan man, sexy mixed army man. But girl if , i did I know we'd see rocket's. I like to see & date more, as you know with kid's,moral's, respect job's & life. we cant,so Ive made a draw of 4 in my heart. And i talk of all these regular, I had another I wrote about Lived in Tennessee,. he has left AdultFriendFinder, I wrote a article called submission that AdultFriendFinder has posted on all there sites. I haven't read it since, i wrote it back then,but it was all of my heart & passionate writing.i wish women like you & other's i love lived closer. Id have a big diner party, we'd dine & wine & laughter the night away. I think one day, Il throw a big party at my house & have all det AdultFriendFinder men & women come just to party, meet & greet no sex kid's probably home. My daughter is anxious to go to college pretty soon. Ill have just me & my son ( who's silly , & always scaring me ). He used to play for southfield jay hawks, & it was to annoying. I wish he'd get back in foot ball, he wants to play basket ball. love ya red I've talked enough , glad to see & hear from you always . you understand me, If I can get a guy like that wow?

lexguy_9 63M

9/2/2006 6:43 pm

The annoying Monkey...guess that is why many of us are here...keep up your writing!

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