Imagination more than you think  

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4/30/2005 5:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Imagination more than you think

Imagination is an powerful force. Do you adore being pampered by your suitable lover. Content merely in thoughts of shared times with your lover, when unable to be with your lover.
Allowing my imagination to take me to places of erotic journeys, sometimes is a welcome re-treat. When unble to be with a desired one, the tension gets so strong in my clit that I need to lay back and let my imagination ease the urge a bit.
Come why don't you relax here while. Strip get butt naked and let your imagination to you on a journey with me.
Tough times bring friction to the mind. So! please leave your cares and worries at the door as you cross over into a zone yet unknown.
For the men in the house, come on honey take your clothes off, let me see you sprout. Rub your shaft and make it rise, for at the end you might get a big loaded surprize.
For the woman if you prefer to keep some clothes on. Well, feel free to atleast relax topless or bottomless. For know doubt your pussy juices are going to flow, and you may want to air out.
I'd love to see you top-less, see how your nipples rise from antisapation of what await. Yes! Baby doll touch your nipples softly, as I watch you from across the room. I'm sitting in my lazy boy, nude and fondling my breasts. I'm watching you eagarly awaiting for you to spread your legs eagle so that I can get full view. You like to keep me waiting a bit. For you know teasing me makes my pussy juices flow. Take your one hand and fondle your breasts as you take your other hand and play with your clit. I desire to see you play with your clit until the flesh inside comes out to play, from being hid inside it's cocoon. Rubing my clit gets me very hot and wet. More so if I'm sucking a hard throbing dick. Yes! that's how I like it rub your clit, move your pelvic up and down. Spread eagle baby allow me to see. I want to see your clit swell before I come over on the bed and taste your cum. Now you guys, I hope your dicks are on the rise. Antisapating having your dick inside my warm awaiting mouth. And then later I'll give you a ride. Come on men lets give the lady on the bed a show. Make her cream as as I get stroked. That's no joke, I need to be poked have your dick deep inside of me giving me some forceful strokes.
Yes! honey feed my creamy, hot wet pussy. Feed me until I'm droped to my knees and taste some pussy while your deep inside of me doggy sytle of course. Now! when I'm done eating her pussy, I need to ride your saddle until you bust your nut inside my pussy. When I sit on your saddle to ride you. Our lover gal on the bed kisses me deep throat, rotating her pussy around the fingers I've now placed inside of her. I finger her pussy until she cums. All the while while fucking your dick inside my boat.
How you let your imagination go..If not read it again later and enjoy.

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

neverlie2u1959 54M
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11/16/2005 4:09 am

it's been so log.. I havent felt the gentleness of your soft lips on my thigh. I have ached for the slow pulsing of my cock sliding inside you from behind... I have relished the thought of once more licking and nibbling your sweet spot. and the devestating hard on you used to give me with only a subtle look and a gentle caress.....the times I would come into the store or the house and gently stroke your hair as you kneel in front of me and willingly accept my throbbing warm cock deep into your throat.. and moan to me " you are my man "...and the tip of my imagination sharing deep fantasies of stairways and dressing rooms and asking you if you would truly ever give in to the tempation of two or three cocks at once if the stiuation happened...I now long for the tenderness of yo rubbing my back untill i fall asleep , exhausted... the many times I could have made sweet and gentle love to you for hours, but chose instead to ask you " are you my little slut "..and tell you.. " get on your knees and suck my cock. "..I was thinking you wanted to be treated like my little cocksucking whore becausse of the way you would moan and squirm and suck and stroke...but all the time instead of being your man handler.. i should have licked your clit gently and and made sweet love to you cant even speak to me out of despise and venom and hatred...time will eventually heal..

i will amber back into your life ...and show you all the love you deserve.. and please you many times over....and once again take you from behind many times in a night...for you will become my lover and all other things that got in the way will not be ther to interfear with me fucking you ever so gently and beastly at the same time, and you will once again crave my beautiful cock in and all around you.

We will bump into each other at the market...and the animal lust that once existed between us will overwhelm once again..

Only this time around , it will be I who please you in ways we never imagined. slowly and gently flirting and feeling the uneasyness of knowing that you want to feel me slide gently inside of you with long deep strokes..and you are my fantasy....i will take you in may places ..and you will desire me to ravage you at work the car .. outside , just around the corner form others..and everwhere in naughty sex..and when it is least expected we will once again be together..this time open and honestly and quench our every carnal desire..

I will take you from behid as you so demand ..and make you my women this time...and you will once agian long to stroke me and call me you r man. the bond is not broken, just cracked and cloudy for now.. when it comes will know that you are my most desired lover , and that i will have you over and over and make up for all the times i failed before.

I know you enjoyed me, and I enjoyed you ..and you will let me seduce you all over again..and we will find new heights of lust that go beyond our control....

One day , when you least expect it......

One day..

One day..

rm_fuckugoods 50M
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6/3/2005 6:40 am

Hi, I really hope that genuine taste will respond to my comment. Contact me. I am looking forward to making her cum in my mouth and on my dick.

rm_fuckugoods 50M
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6/3/2005 6:38 am

I am so tired of this job. Can there be anything less glamorous then a shoe salesman, then I see her walking with 4 boxes of shoes in her hand. Excuse me sir, can you help me with these. Certainly Man, I respond. Taking the boxes from you, I lead you to a seat so that you can try on your shoes. Your legs are beautiful. I kneel and find that you are not wearing stockings. You stretch your leg forward so that I can remove your shoe. Your legs and thighs are so sexy and I feel a stirring in my pants. Your panties are red. I begin to feel myself hitting my thigh. I hope you do not notice and feel disrespected. I do not want you complaining to management. You see my pants jumping and you look me straight in the eye. Now you know. What will you do? My uncertainty is resolved very quickly. You take your foot and place it on my hardness. You place a little pressure on it, and smile as you feel it throbbing underneath your foot. Excuse me, I hear your voice and it takes me from the fog. Is there a bathroom? yes, mam. right through those doors. I watch your hips sway as you leave my sight. Returning, your breasts are heaving, sitting down and raising your legs, I notice that you are no longer wearing your red panties. You notice that my dick is even harder than before. Rubbing your feet back and forth across my dick, I see a smile cross your face. Damn, is that all yours? You ask. No, I reply. In a few minutes it's going to be all yours.. There's a place in the back. Follow me. Grabbing your purse, you hesitate for just a moment, then you follow me into the back. I wonder if yuo realize that I can smell your wetness and that it is making my dick harder. I wonder if you realize that I see your breasts straining against blouse. Your nipples hard. I wonder if you realize that in just a few moments, you are going to be coming in my mouth, on my fingers, and with my dick inside you. I wonder. Do you? I encourage you to give sumgoodluvin a try.

rm_1badHoBoy 62M

5/15/2005 2:39 pm

I want to take a share a thought- or two....Perhaps- of thoughts of you and me...And, maybe- others new....You rise up to the moment...In seconds- we are one....And then- there's an explosion...As we take time to cum....So be there- poet baby....Write me- one more line...Then put the greatest note of all...Where no one else will find....

rm_kevnico 55M
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5/1/2005 12:47 pm

A cool breeze drifts in from the balcony. Dawn is on it’s way.

A wicked night, full of those primitive carnal delights rarely sampled. An infrequent ritual, beyond the sacred alter of our love, down the path of true lust, to unleash desires untamed. A mutual journey into the darker reaches of our minds, to explore uncharted depths, to taste a new forbidden fruit.

A new role. You were so eager, and I too willing. And it became so real, so demanding, and finally so overpowering that we both came dangerously close to letting it rule us forever. And then a climatic explosion in the final act, a grand finale we won’t soon forget. But we must, for the roles are too consuming. The artists too disposed to continue the play past the final curtain.

The sun’s starting to rise, and so am I. You’re still asleep. Your back to me. In a moment of confusion, I hesitantly reach out … to what? I softly touch you shoulder, and slowly caress you skin, downward, with my hand coming to rest on the graceful curve of you hip. Struggling with conflicting desires, I kiss your neck. You sigh and turn to me. Your eyes open, and I see … hunger. A calling. I want to respond.

Then you blink, and grace me with that shy smile of yours. The moment passes, and suddenly, I remember the love that first brought me into you arms.

rm_GenuineTaste 51F
261 posts
5/1/2005 4:09 am

COME ON SOME ONE! Tell me your thoughts and desires. Share some of the thoughts that stir around in your imagination. Come don't be shy...

**TEACH ME! I'm ready to learn...

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

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