Honey, Cherries and cocktails 4 two...  

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Honey, Cherries and cocktails 4 two...

We met right off the exit we were to spend the night weekend at. He'd been waiting on me as long as it took me to drive. He drove 4hrs. I drove 5. He left at 7am. I left at 12pm. The ride up North was a pleasant ride. Enjoyable and filled with antisapation in deed. He spoted me in the Parking area, I was parked at. I'd only been there about 10 mins. I smiled from ear to ear upon spoting him. INSTANTLY! I creamed. I had no panties on under my skirt. He didn't know. I mentioned to him a few days prior to our meet. That I wanted him to wonder if I had any on or not. I told him if I did. I wanted him to pull my panties or G-string up my crocth if I did have some on. Make my nectar juicy and creamy with delight. For myself, I decided to not wear any panties. For I had droped 18lbs since we met up in July. I was feeling sexy and knew I was looking good. He'd droped a few pounds since I seen him also.

My sexy attire consisted of: A simi sheer grey and black skirt. Which had an attached black slip underneath. The skirt was slightly positioned above my knee. I had on black danty 2 inch sandles. My legs were shaved. Toes and nails painted a faint pink tone. Spandex, spagetti string low cut top. A One of a kind jacket made for the summer. It had the shoulders cut out, with a unique pattern of it's own. Consisting of various holes through the jacket that comes just bellow the hips. Safari was the scent of Parfum I wore. Once inside the room. We exchanged hugs and greeted each other with a warm welcome. I took off my glasses, he took off his. We then embraced in a long passionate kiss. I was sure to keep his hands off my ass and hips, so he wouldn't know wheather I had panties on or not. He suddenly pushed me down on the bed. Un zipped his zipper. Then Pressed his swollen cock againt my hot pussy. My skirt was between his cock and my pussy. We talked of who would give in first with penetration in a conversation prior to our trip. He said; I wouldn't hold off. I said I would. That I would tease until he beged. Well the feel of his swollen cock rubing against my then wet pussy was to much. He was kissing me while teasing me. I just melt with his kisses. Then We began moving at a steady pace. He eased my shirt off and began sucking my breasts. That was to much for me. For he attentively sucked both my erect nipples for a few minutes. The spot where his cock was placed against my skirt was very wet with my juices. I suddenly had the urge to have him shove his cock deep inside my pussy. I then raised my legs in the air. Told him to look and see if I had any panties on. He then took off his pants and held my legs in the air. I was driping wet and flushed all over with desire for him. He eased his cock inside me with a pace that wasn't slow nor fast. My legs opened wider wanting to receive all off his cock. I raised my ass off the bed slightly and we moved with at a steady pace. I began pushing all my pelvic into his cock. Then I could see his face begining to twist up. I was taking all of my lover inside of me. My clit began to pulsate, along with the inside of my love tunnel. Goose bumps began to invade the skin of my body. My inner thighs began to shiver. I watched my lover as he stroked his dick deep inside of me. I excepted every inch of him. I told him how good he felt inside of me. Asked him to give me all of his cock. I told him how much I missed him and I wanted him to fuck me to keep giving me his cock because I was cuming. As I began to cum all around his dick. HE began moving deeper and more forceful inside of me. He reached and grabed a hold of my shoulder. He pushed himself deeper and faster inside of me. As he began to cum he took his cock from inside of me and came on my stomach. Then he turned me over and gave me a real deep hard fucking doggy style. Once he gets his first nuts. He's roaring to go. He me that talks a lot of passionate talk and give the passion well. When it come to taking the cock full force. Sometimes. I back my rump up, then end up runing up the bed post. Oh! How good it felt to crawl up that bed post. Just for him to grab my hips and pull me back close to him. When he knew I was about to cum again. He pulled me close to his stomach so we were still on our knees but my back was against his front side. He began caressing my breasts. Then nibbling on my ear lopes and kissing my neck. With one hand he was playing with my clit while still fucking me. He knew this excites every drop of juice from me. As I began to cum he told me to fuck him good. I back all my ass up then. What a release I had. Then when I wanted a bit more a few moments later. He slowly pushed me away. Gave me a Devilish laugh. Said get dressed. Lets go get a bite to eat. He left me hanging but it was a good feeling. I said to him. Yeah! you got me. You wait until tonight. That was just an appetizer. He just replied REALLY!. The rest of the weekend. I'm leaving for my memories. They surely will be making me smile for sometime to come. REALLY! I NEEDED THAT...

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