Here comes that monkey..  

rm_GenuineTaste 51F
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6/14/2005 6:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Here comes that monkey..

While typing some erotic mail just a while ago. My pussy juices were begining to flow. For I was remenicing on a glorious time I had. I rare occasion when I didn't have to please myself. Oh! how I wish I hand those magic hands to tame this heated feeling that has taken over me.
My hands are soft. I know exactly how to explore my body. I know exactly what to think about to make myself come. Tonight I really crave the touch of someones magic hands. Since the possibility of having the desired hands exploring my bodyis out. I'll have to resort to knocking that monkey off, that has came and invaded me, with the skills of my hands. I'm freshly showered with nothing on under my silk robe. As hot and wet as my pussy now is. It'll only take me a few minutes, of massaging my clit with my old faithful body massager, before I cum. Fondling myself is better than roaming around with the twitch between my thighs. Sad thing is, my tongue can't reach my hot pussy hole. Guess that's when my imagination will have to do the trick. I will be fondling my breasts and fingering my pussy. Thinking of the tongue, that belongs to the man that pocesses the magic hands. Hummm!!! As hot as I'm feeling right now. I'd take a woman's tongue. I not to long ago was viewing pics of a woman on this site, with the most delicious looking breasts. Made me want to taste them. I even told her so. She's to far from where I live though. Wish she where the girl next door. And the man with the magic hands the guy next door. I'd invite them both over. Hummmm!!!! Wonder how he would feel about that. He'd have to just watch. FOR she only seeks woman. Oh! well. My sweet, faithful massager, here comes some wet, hot pussy juice for you. Got to make that monkey go...

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

ScopionLoco4U 47M
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12/24/2005 6:48 pm

Excuse my bluntness! Genuine you have a gourgeous nipple. I'd love to nibble and suck on your nipple and the one I don't see also.
If given the chance I'd suck every perky part of you that peeks out at me. I'll be looking to see more posts in your blogs. You intice me. Genuine you are, to beable to tantalize my soul.

TheDodger8 45M

6/14/2005 8:24 pm

Wow. Your good. Shwing!

You women are lucky....vibrators... men don't have stuff like that. Sure we have two hands...but they get....well I don't want to say boring but ..they just arn't the same. And the toys made for guys really suck..not that I have tried, but the ones I have seen seem soo....wrong? I donno. hehhe..

Great post Genuine.

jizzm2005 51M

6/14/2005 7:17 pm

THANX, now I must relieve myself!

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