Drinks 4 two...  

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3/31/2006 7:57 pm

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Drinks 4 two...

Siting here by candle light on this beautiful Spring night. The wheather is nice and the stars are bright.

I've prepared drinks for two by candle light. I've created the scene for you. Oh! what a delight it would be if you were here to make all true. Instead, I'll just type here at the keyboard by candle light. With the scence created in hopes that one day. On a nice night, such as tonight. The scene will again be set for two, and reality will be in play.

When the time is real. I will sip from your glass and you can sip from mine. Until we are intwinded, wraped together tasting my sweet nectar of a wine.

Thanks for coming and joining in, on the many thoughts that I have stored within. You have a peaceful night. No need to worry, when the time comes I'll only nibble not bite. Only! when, I'm almost done ticking, can you do the sticking.

When it's really the TWO of US, for the night. Sipping by candle light. Who knows what we may, what we might. Until that night cums. You keep those thoughts in store, who knows you just may get more.

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

w8n4u0 52M

4/20/2006 9:01 pm

After you buy us a couple rounds of drinks 4 two and you flash me your uncoverd treasure beneath your short skirt, we retreat to my hotel room. Imagine your head being light with pleasure, heavy with desire. You wonder, Can I... Will I... fulfill your unfathomable wealth of passion; your plethora of affection. That's when I touch you softly; painfully caressing the tenderness of your skin. Your silky smooth, curvaceous profound mounds of flesh. My fingers lightly, gently brush against your straining, firm nipples. Your body reacts, prickling flesh as if it is cold. Your stomach quivers with anticipation as my tongue skillfully dances an agonizing waltz of communication of delicate excitement. I stroke your stomach, gracefully tracing a circle around your navel. Descending to a depth of unknown ardor. You are thriving and flourishing aqueous, aching with hunger. I inhale, tasting the delectable warmth of your inner thighs. A damn ATTEMPTS to control the flood within. You impatiently await for me to penetrate your steaming Secret! Grasping the fullness of your hips within the security of my hands. You. I. Rise. Slowly, gently, urgently thrusting, gyrating your/my hips. You embarking upon an unutterable jaunt of emotional communication which begins to erupt into an astonishing macrocosm of pleasure. But I stop. Then start with an ice cube, I…
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