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9/3/2005 7:20 pm

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8/24/2007 1:14 pm

Original "Ideal Person" text

Again, in the interest of complete honesty and openness, below is the original text I used in the "Describe What You're Looking For in a Person" portion of my profile.

"I prefer hourglass figured women with an extra hour or two of sand. Asians, blacks, whites; blondes, brunettes, redheads; it’s all good. All women are beautiful goddesses needing their satisfaction. Please e-mail if you're looking for discreet, passionate fun with no strings attached. I am eager to set up a rendezvous"

I find larger, shapely women more attractive than toothpick, Twiggy types. The curve of a woman's hip is inviting to caress and admire. The soft, bulbous shape of a woman's breast draws my thoughts to warmth and comfort. Straight lines do nothing for me.

When I joined AdultFriendFinder I was in a much more desperate phase of loneliness. To date, nothing has changed to affect that loneliness, but the desperation has ebbed. I have searched, seemingly, my whole life for love. I once loved my now ex-wife as I understood love. With the benefit of time and reflection I don't think that what she and I had was love, at least not in the sense that we should have ever married. But what was was and I cherish the good that came of it. With that in mind, I have decided that if I ever find love, I should not consider its skin color.

I have had sex outside of love. While I find it much more fun than masturbation, they are both equally fulfilling emotionally. I always do my best to satisfy the lady. In those relationships where I had strong feelings for my partner, I got much more satisfaction out making sure she had as many orgasms as she possibly could.

One lady, Penny, (Not her real name), was divorced when we met. She had been a virgin when she married. From what I gathered, her ex-husband had only whet her appetite for sex. Unfortunately for her, he had never went down on her. Based on her reaction when I did so, she realized she had been missing out on a whole lot. For the brief while that we were together, I did my absolute best to pleasure her because I felt a deep connection. Unfortunately, we grew apart and the relationship ended.

That being said, I'm not averse to "no strings attached" relationships. However, we both need to be aware of that upfront and be realistic in our expectations. I am not really into one night stands because I, for one, like to explore different ways to satisfy the goddess within each woman.

As I said earlier, the desperation in my loneliness has lessened. However, I am still eager to have a rendezvous. After all, I am human and I have needs.

BBW_woman_1966 50F
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9/6/2005 12:01 pm

I so agree with shortcake. It is wonderful to find a man that really appreciates a woman with a little more to her.

rm_hotwkuffs 48F

9/12/2005 4:10 pm

Yes, I believe there is someone out there for everyone, and not all men like heavy women, i think they should not put us down. We have feelings and like to be loved like the slim women do. I appreciate all your comments and would love to meet you sometime in the near future.

sexythang469 57F

9/20/2005 8:54 pm

I may not be who you are interested in but I certainly would like to have you as a friend. This and all of your other posts are refreshing to read. Honest. Affirming. Reflective. Each post speaks to your experiences as they relate personally and with others.

What a jewel you are GentlemanJim.

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