Clean Sex is Good Sex  

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9/9/2005 4:49 pm

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Clean Sex is Good Sex

When I was a teenager I saw one of Redd Foxx’s comedy routines where he advised people to, “Wash your asshole!” Prior to knowing this, I had a girlfriend that I found impossible to go down on because of the odor. I don’t know why she never put soap to that part of her body, but it made me want to hold my breath every time we were getting freaky. One may wonder why I would continue to have sex with someone whose private parts had such a repulsive odor. I’ve already given the answer, “I was a teenager.” That and she was stacked like a dairy cow!! *Y* Early in our relationship, I was able to explain to my now-ex the benefits of getting good and clean in that area without offending her and I really enjoyed servicing her via cunnilingus. As did she. (Y)

It cuts both ways. I realized that and started washing my own backside on a regular basis. And even though I’m not in a relationship, I still do it on the fantastical hope that a beautiful nymphomaniac is going to shove me in to a broom closet and give me one of the most mind-blowing blow jobs anyone has ever received.

And as Redd Foxx said in that same routine, “go to bed damp.” Fresher is much better. The closer one can get to sex after a shower, the better. I love eating pussy, but I much prefer fresh pussy as opposed to what may be described as “past its shelf date”

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