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6/6/2005 9:27 pm

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1st Posting.

A little about myself.

I have been divorced since Feb 04. I have two children. My daughter is 14 and my son is 11. They are at the center of my life. I currently am employed in an administrative position. I have two years college in business adminstration, accounting, and agriculture. I previously owned and operated a dairy farm I built from the ground up. However, it was lost during the divorce. I previously worked at a local paper mill while building the dairy farm for amost 10 years before position cutbacks occurred. I have over 5 years experience in home construction. I spent over 5 years in the military as a legal specialist(3 years at a military hospital overseas). I do enjoy a beer or two once in awhile in the evening at super or while relaxing. I'm not a bar fly and you won't find me there. I don't like the feeling of intoxication, so 2 is usually my limit if I drink. I enjoy Rock N Roll music from the 50's thru the 80's. Not sure I understand or the new stuff. I do like some Country but usually can only listen to an hour or two before I need a change of pace. I like action packed movies but do enjoy a little drama or tear jerkers from time to time. I like watching CSI, Law and Order, Judging Amy, and JAG on TV. Comedy helps lift my spirits - MASH is my favorite but I do enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond and Whose Line is it Anyway. I like Softball, Hunting, and Fishing. I enjoy watching my children's activities. My son is constantly in something. - Little League, Youth Football, and Wrestling. Winter weekends I'm always at wrestling tournaments with him. He's been to State, Midwest Regionals, and Nationals and done very well. He is coached by Olympian Dennis Hall. I like to stay busy, working on or fixing something. I have enjoyed traveling and seeing various places of interest. I have been in almost every state plus Canada and Mexico. While in the military, I did see a very large portion of Europe to include Czechoslovakia and the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.

Sexually Who am I?
For starters, I haven't found anything I truly dislike when it comes to sex. However, I haven't tried pain but that doesn't interest me. Perhaps because I have a low pain threshold and get sick at the sight of my own blood. I have found that I get the most excitement out of watching and participating in my partners excitement. So, tell me what you want, need, wish, or desire. IE, faster, slower, harder, softer, higher, lower, etc. I like trying something different and new experiences. Perhaps you can pop my cork with something uniquely different.

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6/7/2005 12:54 am

Ohhhhhhhhh if only you were here mmmmmmmmmmmmm you are yummy

very interesting person too

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