When a Crocodile Buggers Your Chainsaw  

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When a Crocodile Buggers Your Chainsaw

Northern Territory, Australia, May 2006:

A crocodile agitated by the noise of a chainsaw has chased the man operating it and has made off with and seriously assaulted the chainsaw.

Freddy Buckland was at a Northern Territory roadhouse cutting a dead tree that had fallen against a saltwater crocodile's pen during Cyclone Monica when the 4.4 metre beast struck.

"As he was trimming up the tree on the outside, the croc jumped out of the water and sped along the tree about 18, 20 feet and actually grabbed the chainsaw out of his hands," said Peter
Shappert, the owner of the Corroboree Park Tavern, 80km east of Darwin.

"It must have been the noise ... I don't think he was trying to grab Freddy, but I'm not sure. He had a fair go at him ... I think he just grabbed the first thing he could and it happened to be the chainsaw."

Mr Buckland was not injured, nor was the crocodile, named Brutus.

"Brutus is still a bit upset ... he's still a
bit agitated, but he's all right," said Mr Shappert.

"He chewed on the chainsaw for about an hour-and-a-half, then we finally got it out".

"We got a bit of reinforcing rod, bent into a hook on the end, and at the same time we were draining the pen".

"It's still in one piece but, yeah, it's buggered." Mr Shappert said.

He is now considering changing the crocodile's name to "Two-Stroke".

A true story from the Land of Missing Backpackers

cairnsmale55 106M

5/5/2006 7:45 am

Northern Territory or NT: Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Not Tuesday, Not Thursday and No Trace... as in cant be found.

Yes folks a true story of life in the Top End...

try_ME45 57F

5/6/2006 1:53 am

We just have mad ducks! The other side of the world is so much more exotic! lol!

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